What Are the Most Popular Types of Piercings?

types of piercings

Ear and face piercings are a hot trend. In fact, piercings have been a way for people to express themselves for thousands of years.

You have many types of piercings to choose from. A traditional earlobe piercing is just the beginning. Learn more here about the most popular ear and face piercings so you can find the right ones for you.

Lobe Piercings

Lobe piercings are some of the most common types of ear piercings. A lobe piercing is often the first piercing someone gets. It’s one of the least painful pierce.

You can have multiple piercings in your earlobe. Snakebites are a growing trend. This style has two piercings stacked closely together.

Multiple piercings give you plenty of style options. You can combine hoops and studs or use a classic stack of diamond stud earrings.

Cartilage (Helix) Piercings

Cartilage piercings are second only to lobe piercings in popularity. These types of ear piercings are also called helix piercings. They go along the upper ridge of the ear.

Studs and rings are popular choices for helix piercings. You can create a stacked look with two or three piercings.


Mid-helix piercings are often the next step after a stacked lobe. They’re between the middle of your ear lobe and the upper cartilage. A mid-helix piercing gives you an edgy look that’s easier to maintain than similarly-placed conch piercings.

Forward Helix

Forward helix piercings started trending because of the pandemic. They’re in the forward top fold of your ear. You can get a double or triple piercing for a unique stack.

Tragus Piercings

Tragus ear piercings are gaining popularity. The tragus is the thicker cartilage in the center of your ear near your head. People love tragus piercings for their subtlety.

You can wear studs or hoops. The tragus is small, but you can still fit multiple piercings if you choose.

Daith Piercings

Daith piercings have recently come back into style. They go through the cartilage right above the ear canal near the middle of your ear. Unlike most piercings, a hoop is the best choice when you first get a daith piercing.

Many people say that a daith piercing relieves migraine symptoms. The piercing relieves a pressure point in the ear.

Conch Piercings

Conch piercings have resurged in popularity with other trends from the ’90s. The conch is the inner curve of your ear.

This location is ideal for a hoop after the piercing heals. You can choose a large, statement piece for a bold impact. A conch piercing faces forward, so anyone you’re talking to can see it easily.

A cuff is a popular option if you want the conch look without an actual piercing.

Rook Piercings

A rook piercing is one of the most modern types of ear piercings. After people have a few lobe piercings and are looking for something fresh, they often choose the rook.

Rook piercings are in the cartilage above the tragus. They go in the ridge between the outer and inner sections of the ear.

A bar or hoop works well for a rook piercing. Curved barbells are popular for starter jewelry. They’re gentler on the piercing than a hoop.

Seamless hoops, clickers, and captive bead rings are some other popular earring styles for rook piercings. Barbells with charms or beads are another way to add flair.

Faux-Rook Piercings

If your ear anatomy makes a rook piercing too complicated, a faux rook is a trending alternative. A faux-rook piercing goes through the flat of the ear cartilage. This is similar to a helix piercing.

Faux-rook piercings use flat-backed studs instead of a barbell or ring.

Industrial Piercings

Industrial piercings are a popular choice for an edgier look. They’re also called bar piercings.

The most common placement for an industrial piercing is in the upper ear. A barbell connects a piercing in the helix with one in the anti-helix. You can place the bar in a variety of angles in your ear for more visual interest.

An industrial piercing gives you a wide range of jewelry options. Modern trends go beyond the basic barbell.

You can choose a barbell with decorative ends. Some bars have twists or bends. You can find barbells with charms hanging from the middle.

You can also switch out the barbell for two individual piercings. Hoops, studs, or dangles are all popular options.

Nose Piercings

Moving from ear pierce to face piercings, a nose piercing is one of the most popular types. Nose piercings are a timeless favorite.

A nostril piercing is one of the most common types of nose piercings. Septum piercings are growing in popularity.

Nostril Piercings

A standard nostril piercing goes through the soft cartilage on the lower sides of the nose. You can choose subtle jewelry or a larger piece to make a statement. Studs and hoops in a variety of sizes and designs are popular options.

Septum Piercings

Septum piercings are another ’90s trend seeing a renewal. A septum pierce goes through the wall of cartilage that separates your left and right nostrils. 

Septum piercings are very versatile. Like a nostril blaring, you can choose subtle or bold jewelry. Hoops, circular barbells with an outward curve, and rings are common.

Eyebrow Piercings

An eyebrow piercing is another top choice for facial piercings. Eyebrow piercings are making a huge comeback this year. They started regain popular during the pandemic because they’re visible over a mask.

Modern trends go beyond the traditional curved barbell placed near the outer edge of the eye. People are choosing a location closer to the side of their nose.

Many people are piercing the center of their eyebrows on both sides of their faces. Double eyebrow piercings are also popular.

Start Picking Your New Body Jewelry

With all the types of piercings, your body art can truly express who you are. Pierced ears give you a wide range of options, from a traditional lobe pierce to a modern rook. Eyebrow pierce and other types of face pierce give you more opportunities for creativity.

You can find jewelry that goes from subtle to bold. Take advantage of the different types of piercings to make your own statement.

For more inspiration, check out the rest of our fashion articles.

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