Your Style Guide to Selecting Your Wedding Dress Accessories

wedding dress accessories

‘Tis the season to be stylish!

With wedding season in full bloom now, there’s no better time to shop for wedding dress accessories. Like the dress, it’s best to start your search now and pinpoint your favorites for when you go dress shopping.

Here are our favorite accessories to go with your wedding dress of choice.

If you’re considering adding them to your big day, read on to learn more about them.

Know Your Color Palette

It’s best to know your color palette before choosing any bridal accessories. A tendency to go overboard is understandable, but knowing what works best with your color will help keep things cohesive.

Accentuating a color can be most effectively done with a soft touch. Consider subtle touches like pearls, feathers, and subtle metallic accents. When pairing with a bright color, look to neutral colors like black, nude, and even white to provide balance. 

Contemplate the Cut and Texture of Your Dress

The cut of your dress will determine the length, shape, and neckline of the accessories you choose, and the texture will determine the kind of accessories that will look and feel best against your dress. For a dress with an A-line silhouette, look for a long necklace or chandelier earrings.

For a bohemian wedding dress, crafting an effortless yet sophisticated look can be achieved with a floral headband or dangling tassel earrings. A sleek and structured dress, bags and bridal accessories with gold or silver accents will help create a glamorous flair. 

Consider Fabric and Embellishment Details

A wedding dress may look beautiful as-is but can be enhance with an exquisite collection of accessories that match the silhouette and texture of the fabric. For a bold look, add extra sparkle and detail with a luxuriously-embroidered wedding veil or a heavily beaded sash belt. Alternatively, choose an elegant look with an ornate headpiece or a dainty floral hairpiece, depending on the specific wedding aesthetic. 

Mind the Matching Metals

When it comes to wedding dress accessories, the most important thing to keep in mind is matching metals. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different choices, but making sure to pair your metals correctly will ensure a beautiful, cohesive look. For example, if your dress features a gold-toned bodice, then your accessories should have complementary gold tones.

Silver and rose gold accessories bring an unexpected twist as long as they’re pair with matching metals. If you’re uncertain, go here to find helpful advice and tips on selecting the perfect matching metals for your wedding dress and accessories. 

Accessorizing with Fabulous Footwear

When shopping for wedding dress accessories, make sure to pick out a great pair of shoes to go with them. Whether it’s a pop of color with a bold high heel, classic open-toe white pumps, or bejeweled flats, the right shoes can perfectly complement your gown.

For that classic bridal look, opt for a stunning pair of satin heels to complete your ensemble. For a chic and modern look, pick a sleek, glossy pair of ankle-strap heels or an embellished sandal. 

Choosing the Right Wedding Dress Accessories

Your wedding is the perfect time to express your unique style. Finding the perfect wedding dress accessories can be overwhelming, but just remember to stay true to what you love.

Follow your style guide to find accessories that will make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and, most importantly, happy on your wedding day! Start your search today and make your wedding day dreams come true!

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