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Murim RPG Simulation, also known as Heavenly Demon Raising Simulation, is an online cartoon.Original artwork by Hyung Geun Cho and graphics by Kwang Hwi.

Murim RPG Simulation is a fantasy action manhwa based on a web novel. It is a unique method of manhwa cultivation.It is extremely entertaining, and the protagonist is powerful and intelligent without being excessive. The art is very suitable for this genre.

Currently, Murim RPG Simulation has more than 43 chapters and is still ongoing.Its action, fantasy and drama manhwa revolves around the main character Seolhwi, who wants to become the most powerful at the top of a demon cult.

Murim RPG Simulation is similar to Quest Supremacy, where the main character either dies or wants to become more powerful.Eventually, a videogame status window appears in front of him and offers him a second chance.But in Seolhwi’s case it is different: the status window appears just before he is about to die.

So Seolhwi unwittingly starts his life anew in the cult of demons.

who is Murim RPG Simulation

Who Is Murim Rpg Simulation

Seolhwi, a scout of the notorious Demon Cult, is conducting an ordinary patrol when his team unexpectedly encounters the feared head of the Mount Hua Cult, the known adversaries of the Demon Cult.

Without warning, this master of the Mount Hua Cult massacres the entire group. As Seolhwi agonizes in a lethargy, remembering his years of service to the cult, but with little to show for it, he is confronted with the question of a video game, which asks him if he would like to start over.

With the opportunity to start over and make a new choice, Seolhwi vows to fight and become stronger so that his rise to the top of the Demon Cult.


The characters of Murim Simiulation are:Seol Hwi,So Ryeong,Sima gui,Chik san,Juk myunk,Bu ll Gi,Yo Rim.

In the beginning, the protagonist has a limited life, considers various options and rejects them when he dies. The stats separated by the enemy and the protagonist’s history and perseverance are inconsistent and irregular, and have no meaning due to the strength of the other protagonists.



Right now, it is an inescapable equation for Manhwa to duplicate the rebirth or status window setting to turn into an effective Manhwa.

At the point when I read the Manhwa, the story feels repeatable, similar to an attempted and tried story.

Where the primary person gets operation, some way or another.

This is a little-known gem. It took me a little while to appreciate it after I read five chapters a few months ago, I felt no enthusiasm for it.It’s slow and not the kind of manhwa I was expecting. However, it became worth it after going back to it and then reading chapter 50, and then over-reading it.

The story is not original, however, it is read slowly and with care to ensure that it is not influenced by character choices.

Character development is not just one big time. Every move in his favor can also go back behind him.The first chapter is great, it has the foundation that all manga have, however, it is not a duplicate.It has its own distinct plot and characters that develop slowly and don’t suddenly turn into op. 100 percent.

Final words

Manhwa has a system similar to that of an arcade game. He can also gain extra lives by taking out other martial artists. This is very beneficial.

The system is more decision orient and Manhwa is able to restart his life as many times as he kills other martial artists.

It’s a very good read. I’m talking about all the works in the world that focus on Manhwa demonstrating his flashy power.

This work is an improvement on Manhwa, he’s not a reckless idiot, however, someone who thinks about what to do, knows how to handle a blow, and tries to repay the favor, is a huge win for me.

This is what the Murim RPG Simulation Wiki is all about, I hope you enjoyed the article and got useful information about it.

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