yano hinaki solo album flac

We are pleased to reveal that Yano Hinaki Solo Album Flac is now available for download in FLAC format! The album contains 12 tracks of beautiful solo piano music and has been a labor of affection for us over the past year.

The music should be enjoyed in the best possible quality and that is why we have made the album available for download in FLAC format. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is an audio file format that is lossless and retains all the audio information that was in the original audio recording.

As a result, the audio file is larger than AAC or MP3, but the sound quality is much better. We hope you enjoy this album as much as we loved making it!

Biography of Hinaki Yano 

NameYano Hinaki
Born OnMarch 5, 1997 
Known forLove Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club as Yu Takasaki
Wonder Egg Priority as Momoe Sawaki
Selection Project as Suzune Miyama
ProfessionSinger Musician
Yano Hinaki Solo Album Flac

What is the Yano Hinaki album?

Yano Hinaki’s solo album in FLAC format is a high definition audio album that was created Japanese artist Yano Hinaki. The album contains 10 tracks, and they are all recorded in FLAC format. This means that the audio quality is far superior to a standard MP3 file.

The album was release on September 18. It is available for download from the iTunes Store. iTunes Store. It is also available for streaming via Apple Music


Her albums often experiment with different styles, including elements of rock, pop-electronic, hip-hop and electronic.

Yano Hinaki began her musical career in the J-pop band Day After Tomorrow. The group enjoyed great success in Japan with several hit albums and singles. But Yano Hinaki left the group in 2006 to pursue her own solo career.

Yano Hinaki release five albums. Her first album, “Hinaki,” released in 2007, showcased her pop-oriented sensibility. On the 2008 album “Noise,” Yano Hinaki played electronic music, while the 2009 album “Boku no Uta” was more of a traditional Japanese music album.

The 2010 album “Futari” was a collaboration with singer-songwriter Aimer and featured both R&B and hip-hop elements. The 2011 album “Hana” was another experimental album that mixed elements of folk and jazz music.

Yano Hinaki is an accomplished musician and producer who has received numerous awards for her work. She is also a dedicated promoter of philanthropy, joining various charities to support causes such as health and education.


Yano Hinaki Solo Album Flac

If you are looking for the perfect blend of electronic and acoustic sounds and electronic music, then she is the artist you should hear. Sometimes her music is also described as cinematic. In addition, she is someone who has a talent for creating multiple instruments.

Meaning of her albums

When Yano Hinaki released his solo album FLAC in 2018, she had no idea it would become such a hit.For Hinaki, FLAC stands for “Feelings, Love and Crying.” The title track is about the singer’s feelings for someone she can never have

“Namida” is a cry for help from someone struggling with depression.

Although the album is full of sad songs, there is also hope and healing in its pages. For Hinaki, music has always been a way to cope with pain and sadness. And through FLAC, she hopes to provide comfort to anyone who needs it.


Yano Hinaki is a Japanese solo artist who has been in the spotlight since the early 2000s. Her musical style could be described as a blend of acoustic and electronic elements with an emphasis on melody and atmosphere. Hinaki’s influences come from many sources such as video games, film music and traditional Japanese music.

A very striking aspect of Hinaki’s work is the field of recording. These are recordings that Hinaki has made herself in different locations, usually with portable recording devices. The result is music that has an individual touch and can help to create a unique sense of location. Another important aspect of her music is the use of delay based effects to create a dreamlike sound.

final thoughts

As I listened to the album, I was really impressed with how well it was put together. All of the songs flowed together nicely and there wasn’t a single track that felt out of place. Hinaki’s vocal performance was excellent throughout the entire album, and her songwriting is top-notch. My only complaint is that the album is a bit too short, but other than that, it’s a solid release from start to finish.

If you’re a fan of Japanese pop music, then I highly recommend checking out Yano Hinaki’s debut solo album. It’s a beautiful collection of songs that will stay with you long after the last track has ended.

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