law of reincarnation raw

law of reincarnation raw

A character in the manga/manhwa series “The Law Of Reincarnation Raw” is given a second chance to find their first love by going back in time three years to New Year’s Day. A manhwa is classified as adult, fantasy, dramatic, and romantic.

Main character

Bang inchul: Young Man who joined as an internee

Sara Sii: First Love of Bang Inchul, aka Chief of the company

Sooae: Bang colleague

Mino: Manager in the company

Suh Yijoo, Assistant Manager in the company

Story of Law of Reincarnation Raw

Story Of Law Of Reincarnation Raw

The Law Of Reincarnation Raw” is about Bang Inchul, a young man who suddenly goes back in time three years and starts a new job in a company. He knows what will happen in the future, so he tries to change things on purpose. He originally planned to marry his first love, Sara Sii, who is also the boss of the company. When he comes back, he knows everything about Sara sii favorite drink, what she likes and hates. At first, Sara thought he would be a stalker who knew everything about him.

But things get complicated when he becomes involved with his coworker Sooae. Sooae is a shy girl who becomes really attached to Bang Inchul. They do intimate things together every day at the office, which makes Sooae worried about others finding out. But Bang Inchul doesn’t seem to care about the consequences, saying that love and physical intimacy are separate.

One day, the manager announced a business trip, and Bang, Manager Mino, and Assistant Manager Suh Yijoo were all heading to the east coast together. Bang and Manager Mino had been friends for a while, and Bang had noticed that Manager Mino and Assistant Manager Suh seemed to have a romantic connection. However, they were keeping it a secret at the office, pretending to be just colleagues. 

Mino: Manager In The Company

Suh Yijoo, Assistant Manager Of The Company

During the trip, Bang decided to surprise their seniors with some delicious food. While on the car journey, Assistant Manager Suh Yijoo got tired and went for a break. During her absence, Bang and Manager Mino prepared food and had a few drinks, but Manager Mino ended up with a hangover. As the trip progressed, Bang’s phone rang, and it was Sooae calling. Bang stepped outside to take the call and shared details about the trip and how Manager Mino and Assistant Manager Suh got a bit drunk. 

Upon hearing this, Assistant Manager Suh confronted Bang, asking if they were dating. Bang mentioned that they had also seen Suh and Mino together at the cafe. Feeling anxious that Assistant Manager Suh might reveal their secret, Bang pleaded with her not to share the information. Suh agreed not to tell anyone but asked for some unusual favors from Bang, which made Bang uncomfortable. Despite this, Bang felt compelled to agree to Suh’s requests. 

The next day, Assistant Manager Suh Yijoo pretended to be unwell and didn’t attend the office meeting. Mino asked Bang to stay with Suh while he went to the meeting. Suh Yijoo continued her advances toward Bang, making him feel uncomfortable and concerned about her behavior. 

Upon returning from the trip, Bang received a message from Sooae, and they met up. Sooae had prepared a special outfit and gave Bang a relaxing massage, leading Bang to develop strong feelings for her. The following day, Bang overslept and rushed to the office, where Suh taunted him. 

Later, Manager Mino praised Bang’s performance and rewarded him with a company card. Suh joined them, and they all went to Mino’s house to drink. As the drinking continued, Suh Yijoo gave Mino too many shots, causing him to pass out. Suh then made inappropriate demands of Bang, treating him like a toy. Feeling uncomfortable but afraid of Mino’s reaction, Bang played along. Eventually, when Mino woke up and approached their room, Bang hurriedly left the house with Suh, realizing that she was unable to move after their previous activities. Afterward, Bang and Suh had a conversation and realized that they both acted inappropriately. They apologized to each other for their behavior.

The target audience of this manhwa

A fascinating manhwa that combines elements of adult, fantasy, drama, and romance is called “Law of Reincarnation Raw.” It is focused on a mature audience because it explores topics and situations that may not be appropriate for very young readers. This manhwa is likely to intrigue your interest and hold it throughout its interesting plot if you enjoy adult-oriented stories with a blend of drama, fantasy, and romance.

Interesting Plots

Bang wants to marry her first love, but Sara Sii is already in a romantic relationship.



After successfully escaping from the manager’s house, Bang meets a mysterious fortune teller who recognizes his unique identity as a special lord, chosen for a higher purpose. However, the fortune teller also forewarns him about a fateful day in the future when he will inadvertently cause the death of another person.

Where you can read the story online

You can read the manhwa webtoon in english subtitle from You can also read the Korean manhwa from manga Free.

What are people’s opinions on the Law of Reincarnation manga?

This manga series is currently ongoing, and it has garnered an impressive rating of 4.59 out of 5 stars from its readers.

Can a young one also read the manga?

Unfortunately, it’s adult-based content. Due to its bold and explicit scenes, it is recommended for audiences aged 18 and above.

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