Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1


In the city of Solon, a fateful turn of events unfolds as an unexpected protagonist takes center stage. Our protagonist, a soul that crossed over to this world, finds themselves in the body of the deceased thief, who surprisingly turns out to be a member of the esteemed Orlando Family. With a newfound opportunity for a fresh start, they embark on a journey to establish their own legacy, armed with the Mightiest Lord system. This article chronicles their rise from the shadows, driven by determination, resilience, and a burning desire for redemption. 

About Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

The Demise of Calvin Orlando and an Illegitimate Son  

The Demise Of Calvin Orlando And An Illegitimate Son  

The protagonist receives a shocking revelation that their father, Calvin Orlando, the former Lord of Solon City, has passed away. The news is accompanied by the revelation that they are an illegitimate son, a fact that fuels Wenger Orlando’s disdain towards them. Wenger, their half-brother and the new successor of the Orlando Family, has long considered them a thorn in his side. Despite this setback, Wenger offers a compromise, suggesting that he will provide 500 gold coins for the protagonist to create their own territory. 

A Negotiation for Power

Record Of The Mightiest Lord

Refusing to accept a mere fraction of their birthright, the protagonist enters into a shrewd negotiation with Wenger. They understand the potential of their newfound position and demand an increase in the offer. With a clever strategy, they manage to secure a better deal, persuading Wenger to provide 1000 gold coins along with an interest-free loan. However, there is a catch. The protagonist must agree to buy goods exclusively from Wenger’s city, forging a symbiotic economic relationship. 

The Acquisition of Barbarian Highlanders 

Barbarian Highlander
Record Of The Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

To establish a formidable army, the protagonist turns their attention to the barbarian highlander slaves in the colosseum. Recognizing the value of slave soldiers, they decide to acquire them. However, the protagonist is well aware of the reputation these barbarians carry—brave, yet rebellious. The protagonist proceeds cautiously, fully aware that obedience cannot be taken for granted. With 1000 gold coins at their disposal, they purchase 50 of these unruly warriors, paying 20 gold coins per person. 

The Grand Colosseum and the Song of Home 

Record Of The Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

As the protagonist leads their newly acquired barbarian warriors to the renowned Studded Stars Colosseum, they make a notable impact. The crowd is captivated by their commanding presence and the aura of determination that surrounds them. Along the way, an intrigued onlooker approaches the protagonist and inquires about the song they are humming—a tune from their hometown. The song holds deep sentimental value, evoking nostalgia and memories of a life left behind. It serves as a reminder of their origins and fuels their resolve to succeed in this new world. 

Transformation and the Pursuit of Greatness

Record Of The Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

The article briefly touches upon the protagonist’s initial days after assuming control of the thief’s body. They swiftly adapt by immersing themselves in martial arts and combat training, honing their skills in preparation for the challenges that lie ahead. Originally aspiring to become a knight, fate had different plans for them. The unexpected bestowal of the name Orlando, associated with brilliance and glory, upon a street-dwelling bastard sets the stage for a remarkable tale of redemption. Fortunate enough to escape to Solon City with a territorial expansion permit, the protagonist narrowly evades the clutches of those seeking their demise. 


Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1 begins with the protagonist’s transformative journey, rising from the ashes of a thief to claim their birthright as a member of the Orlando Family. Driven by the desire for redemption and the pursuit of glory, they negotiate their way to power, acquire a rebellious but courageous army, and mark their first steps toward becoming a force to be reckoned with. As their story unfolds, it remains to be seen how the protagonist will navigate the treacherous path of leadership, forge alliances, and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Q: How did the protagonist end up in the body of the deceased thief? 

A: The protagonist is a soul that crossed over to this world. By a stroke of fate, they found themselves occupying the body of the thief who happened to be a member of the Orlando Family. This unexpected turn of events became the starting point of their new life and journey. 

Q: What is the Mightiest Lord system? 

A: The Mightiest Lord system is a unique power or ability that the protagonist possesses. While the specifics of the system are not explicitly mentioned in the given scenario, it can be understood as a set of skills, attributes, or advantages that aid the protagonist in their quest for power and glory. 

Q: How did the protagonist negotiate with Wenger Orlando for a better deal? 

A: The protagonist leveraged their position and potential to secure a better deal with Wenger Orlando. They recognized the value of their newfound status as a member of the Orlando Family and demanded an increase in the initial offer of 500 gold coins. Through cunning negotiation tactics, they convinced Wenger to raise the offer to 1000 gold coins, along with an interest-free loan, and established a business relationship where they would buy goods exclusively from Wenger’s city. 

Q: Why did the protagonist decide to acquire barbarian highlanders? 

A: The protagonist saw the potential in acquiring barbarian highlanders as slave soldiers to form their army. Despite their reputation for bravery and rebelliousness, the protagonist recognized their value. The unruly nature of the barbarians would serve as a means to instill fear in their enemies and strengthen their forces. By purchasing these warriors, the protagonist aimed to create a powerful army capable of securing their position and asserting their authority. 

Q: What significance does the Studded Stars Colosseum hold? 

A: The Studded Stars Colosseum is a renowned venue in Solon City where various events, including battles, take place. The protagonist leads their newly acquired barbarian warriors to the colosseum, marking a significant step in their plan to establish power and control. It symbolizes their readiness to participate in grand battles and showcases their determination to rise above their humble origins. 

Q: What does the protagonist’s hometown and the song signify? 

A: The protagonist’s humming of a song from their hometown serves as a powerful reminder of their past life and origins. It stirs feelings of nostalgia and evokes memories of a happier time before their journey in the foreign world began. The song acts as a source of motivation and a connection to their identity, reinforcing their resolve to succeed in their new life as the Mightiest Lord. 

Q: Will the protagonist overcome the challenges and achieve glory? 

A: The article leaves the future of the protagonist open to interpretation. As their story unfolds, the protagonist’s path to greatness is sure to be filled with challenges, obstacles, and adversaries. Their journey towards redemption and glory will depend on their abilities, strategies, and alliances they form along the way. Only time will tell if they will rise above their circumstances and become the true mightiest lord of Solon City

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