3 Reasons You Should Always Track Certified Mail

track certified mail

The United States Postal Service (USPS) processed 421.4 million mail items daily in 2022. With such a vast volume of mail in circulation, it is vital that you track certified mail.

Lost business post, compliance letters, and sensitive data can cause irreparable damage to your reputation. Certified mail tracking helps protect you, but you might still have queries about its usefulness.

What is certified mail? Do you really need it? What are its benefits?

We have a guide to help you decide. Read on before you mail your next document.

1. Track Certified Mail for Security

Certified mail, offered by USPS, gives you a mail label, proof of postage, and a return receipt. You will get updates from delivery to recipient signature, giving you evidence of its arrival.

You can choose First Class, Priority, or Express delivery. Each option gives you superior security over basic business post services. Check your timeframe and document sensitivity before you choose.

You will know where your sensitive documents are and who has received them. This helps prevent theft, fraud, and tampering en route. Learn more about the extra layers of certified mail security on this homepage.

2. Proof of Dispatch and Delivery

When mailing compliance letters and other business mail, you may need to prove you sent them in the event of a loss. In legal terms, this is called a declaration of mailing, and it can protect you from hefty legal fees.

You should invest in mail insurance too; if the business post team loses your documents, you can claim compensation. You can choose levels of insurance based on your class of certified mail. Higher mail classes offer greater compensation options for a wider array of possible errors.

Certified mail tracking also protects you if your mail arrives late and causes issues for your recipient. You will be able to maintain your reputation within your business, and even if the worst happens, you will not be liable.

3. Peace of Mind

You may feel your stress levels rising after you send your mail. This is normal when you know the importance of your documents. For time-sensitive cases, you have the added pressure of the ticking clock too.

To ease your nerves, you can check your mail as it moves towards its destination. You can share the tracking number with your recipient and help ensure them of the estimated time of arrival.

When you work in a high-pressure business environment, this peace of mind lets you focus on other tasks with greater efficiency. You will appear more reliable, professional, and organized, possibly opening up greater opportunities down the line.

Keep Your Mail Secure

Now that you know the reasons to track certified mail, you can use it to guarantee your next correspondence. For a minimal extra cost, you get delivery data, security, and defense against legal disputes. Cut through the mass of business post and ensure yours reaches its destination.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to tracking certified mail. For more business tips, visit the rest of our site!

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