How To Decide Between Rollstock Packaging and Stand Up Pouches

How To Decide Between Rollstock Packaging and Stand Up Pouches

One of the most important decisions you make as a manufacturing company is what type of packaging you will use. You may choose rollstock packaging, such as custom sachet packaging for single-use products, or stand-up pouches. This is information you may consider as you choose between these two packaging options.

Rollstock Packaging Defined

Rollstock packaging prints flat and rolled. It is typically made of a type of film. This product is versatile. Because it is flat, it can fit different products and sizes of products. You see rollstock packaging in candy bars and other single-serve products. Rollstock options can create sachets, pillows or packaging that lays flat.

Stand-Up Pouches Clarified

Stand-up pouches allow you to stand your products up on shelves so they receive greater visibility. Their bottoms have gussets that make them stand. They come already sealed on three sides, and they often have a zipper closure under the final seal you apply after you fill them with your products. Because they stand, you can create an attractive package that fits your branding and provides your customers with all the information they need without taking them off the shelf.

Machinery Needs and Efficiency

To use rollstock packaging, you need a form, fill and seal machine. This equipment creates the packaging around your products and seals them. The process is quick and efficient, so it works well for high-output manufacturing, where high-speed and long production runs are common. In fact, you can seal and fill more products using rollstock packaging per minute than you can with pouches.

To use stand-up pouches, you need a stand-up pouch bagging machine that fills and seals this type of packaging.

Consider Your Product and Customer Needs

Before you choose your packaging, consider the types of products you plan to sell. For example, you may want custom frozen food packaging that stands in the freezer section where customers can see it easily and distinguish it from your competitors. The key is in the evaluation of whether your product will work better in a sleeve, bag or pouch that stands up or lays down.

You should also consider what your customers need. If they plan to eat or use the whole product at one time, they don’t need resealable options, but if they purchase products that have multiple servings or uses inside them, they may want something that seals and protects the products’ freshness.

Understanding the Benefits of Each Packaging Style

Rollstock packaging saves you money. Packaging manufacturers can print attractive brand-inspired graphics and information on the product efficiently. These products are tough and don’t puncture or abrade easily, and they offer heat resistance. However, customers cannot reseal them, so they are better for single-use products.

Like rollstock packaging, stand-up pouches reduce your costs over rigid options. They also transport and store in much less space. Because your customers can reseal them, they are more convenient, offer a longer shelf life and protect your products better. Both of these packaging options are sustainable.

Whether you need coffee stand up pouches or candy bar wrappers, do your due diligence and find the best packaging type and manufacturing for your products.

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