Par for the Course: 9 Must-Have Golf Essentials

Par for the Course: 9 Must-Have Golf Essentials

Around one in seven Americans play golf, which means this sport is more popular than ever before. Considering that it’s not an intense activity, it’s easy to see why we love golfing, especially since it gives you opportunities to get some fresh air too.

To play golf though, you’ll need the right gear. Otherwise, you won’t get past being a newbie, which means you’ll stagnate and won’t see any progress.

Want to ensure you’re the best golfer possible? Then read on for nine must-have golf essentials to improve your golf game.

1. Golf Clubs

Obviously, you’ll need a good set of golf clubs if you want to play this sport. Otherwise, you won’t have anything to hit the balls with.

An entire set consists of 14 clubs, but you can get away with only five to seven if you’re on a tighter budget. Another option is to buy second-hand sets, as those can still be in great condition, but at lower prices!

Another avenue is to try your friends. They may have a golf club or two that they don’t use anymore, so they can either give those to you or sell for amazingly low prices.

2. Golf Balls

Another vital part of golf gear is the balls. In the beginning, you can get away with purchasing cheap ones in bulk to practice with. Their low price will make it less painful when you inevitably lose some balls.

Like with golf clubs, you can consider buying used balls as a novice. Do note that these can be chipped or scratched though, which can influence how the balls respond when you hit them.

Once you’ve moved up in skill and know for certain that you want to continue your golfing journey, you should look for balls that have a good balance of distance, control, and durability. Buy a few extra to carry in your bag in case you lose some during a game.

3. Golf Bag

Speaking of bags, a strong and sturdy golf bag is an absolute must. This is where you’ll carry your clubs, balls, tees, and other golf accessories around the course.

A decent golf bag may cost a pretty penny, but it’ll be worth every penny spent. A high-quality bag can last you a lifetime, so don’t try to go cheap here.

“Decent” doesn’t necessarily mean “heavy” either. So if you’re afraid of lugging around a sack of bricks while on the golf course, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many lightweight options out there.

When shopping, opt for a bag with comfortable straps and enough storage pockets for your belongings.

4. Golf Gloves

You don’t have to wear gloves while golfing, but they’ll make a world of difference for your club grips. And what’s fantastic is they’re not expensive at all, so why not spend a little money to improve your golf game?

In addition, these gloves offer protection to decrease blisters and calluses. These can be painful for beginners, especially if your hands are particularly soft.

5. Golf Shoes

If you were planning on wearing your sneakers onto the green, then nip that idea in the bud immediately. Not only is it tacky, but it’s not great for traction.

Nice golf shoes can be expensive, but again, they’re worthwhile investments. The footwear will look sleek, and they’ll provide stability and traction on the courses.

You can get shoes with soft spikes or spikeless soles, depending on your preference. The course regulations may also specify which ones you should have.

Ensure that the pair you buy fits well and offers comfort for long walks.

6. Golf Clothing

You’ll be outside during your golf games, so you’ll be at the mercy of Mother Nature. Even on a nice day, you’ll need protection from her harsh rays.

In general, you’ll want pants that are roomy and breathable. That way, you won’t be trapped in your own sweat while teeing off.

Comfortable tees are nice to have as well. But sun shirts for golf are wonderful, as they’ll offer additional UV ray blockage alongside sunscreen.

7. Golf Hat or Visor

With a golf hat or visor, you’ll look smart on the courses. Plus, they’ll shield you from the sun, both its heat and brightness.

Clear vision while playing is crucial, and you’ll get that with a hat or visor. Just make sure the material’s breathable and that it fits well while providing adequate shade.

8. Golf Towel

Don’t leave the house without packing a golf towel or two. These will come in handy, as you can use them to clean your hands, as well as your clubs and balls.

No matter how well you take care of your equipment while playing, everything’s bound to get dirty. A quick wipe-down with your towel will ensure that others see you as a serious golfer. Also, clean equipment means that you’ll get the right spin rate and control when hitting the balls.

9. Divot Repair Tool

You should do your part to keep the greens looking as best as possible after you’ve gone through them. And this is possible with a divot repair tool.

This small but useful gear can fit in your pocket or bag. When you or your opponents make any marks on the course, you can whip it out to quickly fix them.

Get Yourself These Golf Essentials

Without golf essentials, you won’t grow much as a golfer.

While some of the things on this list may seem obvious, you might not have given them much thought. Hopefully, this article has shown you more insight into what the optimal gear is, without you spending a fortune.

Now, all that’s left to do is to purchase yourself these essentials. Then, get on the course and show everyone what you’re made of!

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