5 Common Errors in Selecting Portable Restrooms and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Errors in Selecting Portable Restrooms and How to Avoid Them

If you are looking for portable restrooms for an event, there are some common errors that can prevent you from getting just what you want. The fear of making mistakes often prevents people from ordering exactly what they need. Read on to learn about the most common errorsĀ in selecting portable restrooms, and how you can avoid them.

1. Choosing Without Proper Consideration of Your Unique Needs

When selecting portable restrooms, it is important to consider your unique needs prior to making a decision. You want to be sure that this restroom will fit the specific requirements of the event.

For example, will your event have more than one use for the restroom? Will you require handicap-accessible units? Additionally, is the unit easy for guests to locate? Can you get the right number of restrooms to accommodate a large crowd?

2. Compromising on Quality to Save Money

When selecting portable restrooms, it is important to avoid compromising on quality in order to save money. Renting top-of-the-line portable restroom features may cost more, it makes renting quality rentals the better choice that pays for itself, but the reduced risk of:

  • Malfunction
  • Improved aesthetic value
  • Heavier-duty construction

When in doubt, renting a high-grade unit is generally the wisest choice. Before settling on any model, reading online reviews can help assess the lowest-priced option that still offers dependable, quality performance.

3. Skipping Important Sanitation Checks

Every portable restroom should be thoroughly inspected before use. Be sure to look for cracks or any structural damage, check for any foul odors, and ensure that proper disinfection and sanitization measures are taken.

Look for signs of mold or mildew growth, as well as broken fixtures or signs of pests. Test the water pressure and temperature, and flush to ensure the system is functioning as intended. 

4. Failing to Estimate the Necessary Size

It is too easy to underestimate the need and end up with too small an accommodation for all users or too large a space. Estimating too small can lead to:

  • Overcrowding
  • Long waiting lines
  • Potential conflict with other users

Before opting for a certain size, be sure to take into consideration the expected volume of users, the duration of the event, the age range of anticipated visitors, and other potential considerations.

5. Ignoring Issues of Accessibility

It is important to make sure that they are designed with people of all abilities in mind. This includes taking into account:

  • Restrictions in mobility
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • People who use wheelchairs
  • Other assistive devices

Proper accessibility must be considered in terms of the overall design of the restroom. This includes providing:

  • Adequate entry and exits
  • Appropriate grab bars
  • Ent space for maneuvering wheelchairs

Ignoring issues of accessibility when selecting portable restrooms is not only unfair to those with disabilities. But, it is also illegal in some cases.

So to learn more about selecting an appropriate restroom for your event, check out this porta potty rental company right now!

Avoid These Errors in Selecting Portable Restrooms Today

Overall, it pays to do some research when selecting portable restrooms. Investing a bit of time in understanding how to choose the best, you can save money by avoiding errors in selecting portable restrooms.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and do some research on certifications and regulations. Don’t forget, nothing beats renting directly from a professional portable restroom provider. Start your restroom rental today!

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