3 Mobile App Features You Should Add to Your App

3 Mobile App Features You Should Add to Your App

An app proves to be a necessity if you’re a brand that wants to advertise itself. It allows your users easier access to you. You get to customize your app’s looks. What are the essential mobile app features that you’ll need to add to your app?

Read on to learn more about the app and its essential features, and it will surely benefit you in your online branding.

1. Offline Functionality

Offline functionality is an important feature that your mobile app can provide to its users. Making your mobile app accessible even when the user is not online is crucial if you want to boost user engagement and product satisfaction.

Offline app features can let you use an app normally or give you access to some limited resources that the app has saved locally. For example, you can preload previously accessed content (a cached version). Or allow the user to save resources from the cloud and access them in an offline mode.

Offline functionality can also allow for more device-specific functions. This includes using location services or performing background tasks. Adding it to your app can go a long way in improving user experience.

2. Push Alerts

Push alerts are an extremely useful and important feature to add to any mobile apps. Push alerts provide timely notifications to users, so they can be alerted of any changes or updates that may be applicable to them.

This could be in the form of promotional offers, new content to look at, or simply a friendly reminder about a certain task. Push notifications also make users more interested and happy, and they could lead to more people downloading the app itself.

In order for push alerts to be successful in driving user engagement, it is important to ensure they are timely, relevant, and unobtrusive. Furthermore, users should also be given a choice to enable/disable push alerts so they feel more in control of their user experience. Overall, push alerts are an excellent feature to add to any mobile app to increase user engagement and satisfaction.

3. Customer Service 

Maintaining a mobile app that helps with customer service is essential in developing an engaging mobile app. This includes options such as a user-friendly search bar for customers to quickly find what they want, online support with chat, email, and phone options, in-app feedback forms for customers to provide valuable insights, as well as tutorials and help guides.

Technology such as AI chatbots can be used to automate and streamline customer service. Furthermore, make sure that the app is secure and fast with regular maintenance updates.

Provide push notifications for relevant offers, discounts, new products, and personalized recommendations. Finally, analyze customer data to preempt customer requests and build automated personalized customer service tools.

This will not only improve customer experience but also help you build brand loyalty and trust while boosting customer engagement.

Mobile App Features You Should Consider

Adding the right mobile app features to your app can help you reach more users and create more opportunities for monetization. Make sure to consider the value each feature will bring for your users, then set up trackers that allow you to measure user engagement and refine the features as necessary.

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