club américa vs deportivo toluca f.c. timeline – Complete Overview

Club América Vs Deportivo Toluca Fc Timeline - Complete Overview

Get ready for the biggest rivalry in Mexican soccer Club américa vs Deportivo toluca fc. These two teams have been competing fiercely for years, showing off their amazing skills and strong determination to win. Their games are so exciting for fans, with unforgettable moments and thrilling matches. Let’s dive into the epic history of this rivalry, from big wins to tough losses, making it a spectacle in the soccer world.

club américa vs deportivo toluca f.c. timeline

1965–66: The Rivalry Begins

When Club América won the championship trophy in the 1965–1966 Mexican Primera División season, it all began. The fact that they had lost to Toluca earlier in the year made this victory bittersweet. The team’s overall stellar performance allowed them to win the championship title despite this setback, reigniting the rivalry between the two clubs.

1967–68: A Draw Sets the Stage

The 1967–68 season saw the rivalry reach a new level as both teams started showing exceptional talent and grit. Their dramatic draw showed the competitive match that lay ahead in the years to come. The excitement surrounding the Copa Presidente Gustavo Daz Ordaz in 1966–1967 was further heightened by Toluca’s victory over América following a thrilling match.

1970–1971: America Marks Another Victory

In the 1970–71 season, it was America’s turn to celebrate victory in the rivalry, which had seen its fair share of championships. Once more, the two teams faced off, with Carlos Reinoso and Horacio López Salgado scoring to give Club América a 2-0 victory. The club’s seventh championship was won with this victory, which heightened the rivalry between the two groups.

1975–76 Mexican Primera División Season: Club América Claims 3rd Title with Dominant Performance in Finals

Final Showdown: UdeG vs. Club América

Club América and UdeG thrilling match in the 1975–76 Mexican Primera División championship final on August 4, 1976, fascinated the audience. In a show of strength on the field, Club América easily defeated UdeG 3-0 to claim a clear victory.

Alcindo Marta de Freitas (48′): The first goal came in the 48th minute, courtesy of Alcindo Marta de Freitas. His skillful play and accurate finish put Club América ahead early in the match, setting the tone for their dominant performance.

Hugo Enrique Kiesse (87′): With only a few minutes left on the clock, Hugo Enrique Kiesse extended Club América’s lead with a well-timed strike, leaving UdeG struggling to catch up.

Carlos Reinoso (90′): In the final moments of the game, Carlos Reinoso sealed the victory for Club América with an impressive goal, showcasing the team’s unwavering determination and skill.

Second Leg: Club América Confirms Dominance

The second leg of the championship was held four days later, at 12:00 on August 8, 1976, and Club América once more succeeded. Club América defeated UdeG 1-0 in a hard-fought game while maintaining their superiority the entire time.

Hugo Enrique Kiesse scored the game-winning goal for Club América in the 63rd minute, ensuring their status as the season’s rightful champions. Hugo Enrique Kiesse was once again outstanding for Club América.

Aggregate Victory: América Wins 4-0

With a 4-0 overall record, Club América captured the Mexican Primera División championship in 1975–1976. This accomplishment demonstrated their superior form and ability.

Deportivo Toluca fc vs. Club América: A Mix of Excitement and Disappointment

Even though Club América had a very successful season overall, one of their games stood out for the joy it inspired in their supporters and the heartbreak it imposed on the opposing team, Toluca. Club América showed off their offensive prowess against Toluca during this particular match by scoring an impressive three goals.

Toluca, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with the outcome of the game because they were unable to score, leaving the game scoreless. Toluca tried their best, but they couldn’t get past Club América’s defense, leaving their supporters with a disappointing result.

1983–84 and 1984–85: Intense Battles

A number of memorable confrontations between America and Toluca occurred in the 1980s. América won the 1983–84 season with a 2-0 score, winning their fourth championship. The following season, both teams displayed exceptional talent, leading to a draw that absolutely amazed fans with the expertise both teams had on the field.

1998–99: Cardozo and Blanco, the Star Scorers

Another thrilling phase of the rivalry emerged in the late 1990s. José Cardozo of Toluca and Cuauhtémoc Blanco of America both displayed their goal-scoring prowess in the Primera División de México Verano 1998, further sparking the passion of their respective fan bases.

First Division of Mexico 1998 in Verano Deportivo Toluca F.C. defeated Necaxa by a score of 4-6 to claim the title. Against Necaxa, Toluca scored six goals to win the fourth title. Deportivo Toluca F.C. and Club America faced off in this season’s semifinal. Toluca scored three goals to Club America’s one.

Primera División de México Verano 1999

The regular season ended on May 9, and it started on Friday, January 15, 1999. Toluca won the championship for the fifth time by defeating Atlas in the championship game. Since they are members of different groups, neither of them has played the other.

2012–13: Toluca Triumphs in Semifinals

In the 2012–13 Liga MX season, both clubs demonstrated their high-level performance, earning a spot in the semifinals. Toluca secured a hard-fought victory against América, leading them to the finals, though they faced defeat in the title match against Tijuana.

Since 2004 Head-to-Head Matches : Toluca vs Club América

Since 2004 Head-To-Head Matches : Toluca Vs. Club América

Toluca and Club América have played a number of thrilling matches throughout their history in different competitions, showing their spirit of competition and on-field talent. A list of their clashes is provided below since 2004:

Total Matches: 55

  • Club América Wins: 21 
  • Toluca Wins: 15 
  • Draws: 19

Matches at Estadio Nemesio Diez (Toluca’s Home Stadium) 

Total Matches: 27 

  • Toluca Wins: 11
  • Club América Wins: 7 
  • Draws: 9

Matches at Estadio Azteca (Club América’s Home Stadium) 

Total Matches: 28 

  • Toluca Wins: 4 
  • Club América Wins: 14 
  • Draws: 10

Champions League

Total Matches: 2 

  • Toluca Wins: 0 
  • Club América Wins: 1 
  • Draws: 1

International Club Friendlies 

Total Matches: 3 

  • Toluca Wins: 0 
  • Club América Wins: 2 
  • Draws: 1

Some Match Highlights 

Deportivo Toluca F.c. Vs Club América Timeline

3rd August 2008, Liga MX, Apertura: Toluca vs. Club América (2-0)

The only match between the two teams in this season ended in favor of Toluca, with a final score of 2-0. Toluca won easily after dominating the second half after the first half ended scoreless.

Mexico Liga MX: Apertura 2021 – Toluca vs. Club América

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, Toluca won the Apertura 2021 match against Club América, securing a 3-1 victory. The match was filled with intense moments and thrilling plays, with Toluca’s cohesive teamwork and precise execution securing a well-deserved win.

2nd Minute (1-0): Haret Ortega opened the scoring for Toluca in the second minute, capitalizing on a Ral López assist to give Toluca the early advantage. Toluca wasted no time in making their presence felt in the game.

6th Minute (1-1): Club América responded quickly to Toluca’s early lead. In the 6th minute, Henry Martin found the back of the net for Club América, leveling the score at 1-1.

38th Minute (2-1): Toluca regained their lead in the 38th minute when Braian Samudio scored a crucial goal. Claudio Baeza provided the assist, enabling Toluca to go ahead once again.

61st Minute (3-1):When Haret Ortega netted another goal to complete his hat trick in the 61st minute, Toluca increased their lead in the game (3-1). His third goal helped Toluca’s team secure a commanding 3-1 lead over Club América.

Recently Played matches

Tournament: Liga BBVA MX, Torneo Clausura 2023

Date: January 14, 2023

At Nemesio Dez Stadium, Toluca and America displayed their defensive qualities in a thrilling and action-packed match. In the seventh minute, Carlos González scored the game’s first goal to put Toluca ahead right away. In the fifteenth minute, Brian Rodriguez equalized the score for America. The 22nd minute, Carlos Orrantia scored to give Toluca a new lead. Henry Martin scored a crucial goal for America in the 75th minute to tie the game at 2-2 as the action remained fiercely contested. Fans were thrilled and eagerly anticipating the teams’ upcoming matchups after the thrilling 2-2 draw that resulted from both teams’ determination and skill.

Tour Águila  América vs. Toluca – June 17, 2023

Both teams put forth strong defensive efforts, and the game ended up being a closely contested contest. Regardless of their best efforts, neither team was able to score, and the game ended in a 0-0 draw with no goals scored. The outcome highlighted both teams’ tenacity and showed how closely balanced they were on the field.

Deportivo Toluca F.C. Vs Club América Timeline FAQS

What is the history of the Club América and Toluca rivalry? 

The rivalry between Club América and Toluca began in the 1965-66 Mexican Primera División season, with intense matches sparking fierce competition between the two clubs.

How many international club friendlies have Club América and Toluca played against each other, and who has won more? 

Club América and Toluca have played 3 international club friendlies, with Club América winning 2 matches and 1 match ending in a draw.

How has the rivalry between Club América and Toluca influenced football culture in Mexico? 

The intense competition and memorable moments shared between Club América and Toluca have played a pivotal role in shaping football culture in Mexico, inspiring younger generations of players and fans alike to immerse themselves in the sport’s passion and excitement.

How many matches have Club América and Toluca played against each other since 2004? 

Since 2004, Club América and Toluca have played 55 matches, with Club América winning 21 times, Toluca winning 15 times, and 19 matches ending in draws.

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