Shyheim Jenkins, Second Son Of Jeezy

shyheim jenkins

He is the talented offspring of the renowned rapper, songwriter, and actor Jay Wayne Jenkins, known for his contributions to the music industry.


Shyheim Jenkins

Although his exact date of birth was not disclosed, he is thought to be 25 years old. Even though his birth year falls between 1996 and 1999. According to some reports, his mother is Tenesha Dyke. His father, Jay Wayne, has kept his son’s biological mother’s identity a secret, which is a mystery. He is Jay Wayne’s second-born child.


He shares the same academic interests as his brother. He completed his high school education at Riverwood Academy in Georgia and is now working toward a bachelor’s degree in fashion.


Shyheim has maintained a low profile in the media because he dislikes being in the spotlight or using his father’s name to his advantage. Unfortunately, there is no information at this time about his professional background. However, he is focusing on building a career in his interested area.


Brother, Jadarius Jenkins,

As we mentioned above, he is the son of Jeezy’s real name Jay Wayne Jenkins.His grandmother was Sandra Rose. Talking about his sibling, he has one Brother, Jadarius Jenkins, and 3 step-siblings. On Jadarius’ graduation day, his father gifted his son a $100,000 check. Jadarius, Shyheim’s older brother, has the honor of being Jeezy’s firstborn child. In response to perceived misunderstandings, Jadarius is not a musician like his father and is not the rapper Lil’ Jezzy from Colombia. Instead, he has reportedly entered the fashion market and started his clothing line, proving his entrepreneurial spirit and interest in the fashion industry. Amra Nor Jenkins, his younger half-sister, was born in February 2014. She is the offspring of Jeezy’s former girlfriend, Mahalet Gebregiorgis (Mahi). At the same time, his father and his daughter Amra have a close relationship, Mahi and his father reportedly do not. Another half-sister for Shyheim was born in the latter part of December 2021 and is named Monaco. Jeezy’s current spouse, Jeannie Jenkins, who is well-known for hosting the talk show “The Real” and working on other projects, is the mother of Monaco.


His professional background is kept private, as we already mentioned. Therefore, we are unable to provide you with the precise income. His annual salary would be $3 million. In contrast, his father, Jeezy’s net worth, is estimated to be $15 million by several online sources.

Talking About His Father

Rapper Jeezy

He gained recognition after signing with Def Jam Recordings in 2004. The release of his major label debut, “Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101,” in the following year was a major success. The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling an impressive 172,000 copies in its first week. It went on to achieve platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Jeezy’s impact on the music scene goes beyond his individual achievements. Alongside fellow Georgia-based rappers T.I. and Gucci Mane, he played a significant role in pioneering and popularizing trap music for a wider audience. Their collective efforts contributed to the mainstream success and widespread recognition of this influential genre

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About his Father Relationships

Jeannie Mai And Jeezy

The couple, Jeannie Mai and Jeezy, started dating in November 2018 and took things further by getting engaged in 2020. On March 27, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia, they got married in a small ceremony. On January 11, 2022, the couple excitedly announced the birth of their first child. 

Previous Relationship of Jeezy

He had two children with Tenesha Dyke, with whom he had a relationship in the early 1990s. Mahalet Gebregiorgis, also known as Mahi, was in a committed relationship with Jeezy for a period of nine years. Unfortunately, their engagement came to an end shortly after their breakup. Interestingly, just a week after the split, Jeezy shared a romantic picture with a television host, hinting at a new romantic connection.

Jeezy Arrested for Battery, False Imprisonment, and Making Terroristic Threats Against His Son ‘‘Sources claims it Shyheim Jenkins’’

Atlanta rapper Jeezy, known for his contributions to the music industry, has recently faced legal trouble. According to TMZ, Jeezy was arrested in connection with an incident that occurred back in September 2012, where he has been charged with battery, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats against his own son. The court documents obtained by TMZ reveal disturbing details of a physical altercation between Jeezy and his son, including allegations of throwing his son into a glass shower door, punching him in the face, dragging him into a bedroom, and choking him while making death threats. Jeezy turned himself in to law enforcement authorities and posted a bond of $45,000. While Jeezy’s legal team expressed confidence that the matter will be appropriately resolved, the rapper is thankful for the support of his fans and requests privacy for his family during this challenging time

Social Media Account

Shyheim has maintained an extremely private life and does not have any accounts on social media platforms or any other public platforms. 

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Is Jeezy happy if his children go with a different field?

The rapper Jeezy expressed his hesitation to encourage his kids to pursue musical careers. In interviews, he emphasized the difficulties and sacrifices faced by the field and the importance of sticking to one’s principles. Jeezy was confident that he would stop his kids from working in the music industry, describing it as a “different and demanding game.”

Who is Shyheim?

He’s the second child of rapper jeezy from his past relationship.

What would be the networth of Shyheim Jenkins?

His annual income would be $3 million.

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