Who is Randy Suessmetz New Yorktimes?

Randy Suessmetz New Yorktimes


Randy John Suess, a visionary technologist born on January 27, 1945, in Skokie, Illinois, left an indelible mark on the history of technology as the co-founder of the Computerized Bulletin Board System (CBBS). This article delves into Suess’s life, the development of CBBS, and his lasting legacy, emphasizing the significance of his contributions to the world of online communication.

Early Life and Family:

Randy Suessmetz’s upbringing was rooted in public service, with his father, Miland, serving as a dedicated police officer and his mother, Ruth, making valuable contributions to healthcare as a nurse. These familial influences undoubtedly played a role in shaping Suess’s character and paving the way for his future endeavors in technology.

Education and Career:

After two years of service in the Navy, Randy pursued higher education at the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle. His subsequent career at IBM and Zenith became a crucible for honing the technological skills that would later define his role in shaping the landscape of online communication.

CBBS Development:

The genesis of CBBS occurred in collaboration with Ward Christensen during a memorable Chicago blizzard. In a remarkable feat, Suess and Christensen established CBBS on February 16, 1978, marking the inception of the first online bulletin board system. Suess’s expertise lay in hardware assembly, complementing Christensen’s focus on software development, showcasing their synergistic partnership.

CBBS Hosting and Accessibility:

Suess’s strategic choice to host CBBS at his Wrigleyville home in Chicago played a pivotal role in the system’s accessibility. This decision aimed to circumvent long-distance charges within the city, significantly contributing to CBBS’s widespread popularity. The system garnered over half a million calls by its retirement in the 1980s, a testament to its impact on the burgeoning world of online communication.

CBBS Legacy:

Even after its retirement, CBBS’s legacy endured, with an active system still in existence as of August 2020. Suess’s foresight and innovative spirit laid the foundation for the continued evolution of online communication platforms.

Suess’s Career and Innovation:

Beyond CBBS, Suess’s career experiences at IBM and Zenith underscored his ability to grasp and apply complex technical concepts. His collaborative innovation with Christensen on CBBS showcased not only technical prowess but also a visionary approach to the possibilities of technology.

Suess’s Last Words and Legacy:

Randy Suessmetz passed away on December 10, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois, leaving behind a legacy as a visionary technologist. His last words echo the enduring impact of innovation on technology and communication, serving as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of pushing the boundaries of what is technologically possible.


In conclusion, Randy Suessmetz New Yorktimes‘s enduring impact on technology and society is a testament to the power of innovation. His legacy serves as an inspiration for those who continue to push the boundaries of technology, leaving an everlasting imprint on the ever-evolving landscape of communication.

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