The 3 Most Popular Room Addition Ideas for Small Homes

The 3 Most Popular Room Addition Ideas for Small Homes

Nothing is better than having a comfortable home. It’s where you go when you’re tired from a day of working. It’s where you can kick your feet up and relax with your family.

And to have this, you have to make your home as comfortable as possible. However, this might seem impossible if you’re living in a small home.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can make the best of what you have through a home renovation and add additional space. To start, here are 3 room addition ideas for small homes that you should consider:

1. Great Room

A great room in a small home can be the hub of the house, a place where the whole family can gather together and enjoy each other’s company. So consider a great room with an open concept design to maximize space and provide flexibility with furniture layouts.

With the addition, you can incorporate alcoves for additional storage. You can create seating areas for conversation. And you can install folding walls to expand the room during larger functions. 

To make the room addition more cozy, you can consider different lighting options, such as cove lighting. You should also carefully think about your color and texture choices in furnishings and window treatments. They will add style and personality to the great room.

2. Mudroom

Mudrooms are one of the best room additions you can add to your renovation checklist. Mudrooms provide an extra space to store all your outdoor and wet-weather gear. They typically consist of shelves, benches, and cabinets and can easily be added to an entryway or covered porch.

The shelves can keep boots, mittens, and hats organized. Cabinets provide extra storage space for raincoats and umbrellas. Benches can also provide a place to sit down and change shoes or to rest while taking off wet clothing.

You can also install a tiled floor, which is easier to clean up from mud and dirt; it will help prevent mud and debris from getting tracked into your home. 

3. Sunroom

Sunrooms can be perfect for entertaining guests. It creates an additional living space. It also increases natural lighting in a home and allows for a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

And the great thing about this room is that you can have it can custom-designed for the needs of your home. You have options such as energy-efficient windows, sky lighting, or sliding glass doors for more sunlight. Just remember that the cost of sunroom will depend on these customizations, so you need to find a contractor who can offer you a fair price.

Sunrooms are also incredibly practical due to their ability to reduce energy costs by using sunlight for heating. They can also provide ample opportunities for relaxing or unwinding while connected to the outdoors.

Try These Room Addition Ideas for Small Homes Now!

Small homes can be made comfortable and functional with the right room addition ideas. From a great room to a sunroom, there are countless ways to transform a small space into a large living area.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to consult a qualified contractor about these room addition ideas for small homes. Then, you can get started on making your home the best it has ever been!

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