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Phillipa Coan

Jude Law and his spouse Phillipa Coan enjoy a quite happy life. The Fantastic Beasts actor and the psychotherapist apparently connected for the first time in 2015 after meeting through common friends. Four years later, the pair surprised their admirers by being married in a low-key, surprise ceremony in London. Additionally, in 2020, they had their first kid together.

Jude Law prefers to keep his connection with his wife secret and hardly ever discusses specifics about their life together. In fact, they haven’t even revealed the name or sex of their child.

Phillipa Coan is a skilled behavioural psychologist. She has a passion for assisting firms in giving employee engagement and sustainability equal priority. Even so, she runs her own company.

Here is everything you need to know about Phillipa Coan, the psychologist and environmentalist wedded to a star Jude Law.

Phillipa Coan a business psychologist

Coan, a psychologist and specialist on behaviour change, was born in the U.K. According to a 2019 interview with Eco-age.com, she obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Birmingham in England before obtaining her master’s degree from the City University of London.

She received numerous honours for her study, including postgraduate researcher of the year and a seat on the university’s honour roll, when she completed her Ph.D. at the University of Leeds in 2015. She also took home the top honour in a British Psychological Society competition in 2014 for her work on employee behaviour and environmental sustainability.

According to the alumni magazine of her school, Network, the prize was given to “the research effort deemed to offer the most meaningful contribution to the field of Occupational Psychology.”

her own company

Coan is the founder of Stride, a business consultancy that offers advice on how to “save organisations energy, carbon, and money through employee engagement and behaviour change.”

Coan explained why she founded the business in a Stride video, saying that “the people side of energy management tends to be neglected” and that organizations can increase their sustainability by changing employee behavior.

Her passion about sustainability

Coan is passionate about sustainability in her career. She is also aware of the commitment needed to lead an eco-conscious lifestyle in her personal life.

According to her interview with Eco-age.com in 2019, “I have learned so much from others about how to be more sustainable from reducing plastic and chemicals brought into my home, eating less meat, monitoring and reducing our household energy consumption, and exploring alternative travel options where possible.” “I am also aware of how challenging it might be. Every day I struggle to maintain sustainable behavior. I frequently need to step back, consider my actions, identify areas where I can behave better, and then commit to those improvements.”

dating Law in 2015

The pair was first connected in the spring of 2015 when they were seen together at the Hay Festival, an annual literature, science and culture event in Wales. In accordance with the Daily Mail, their common friends introduced them.

She married Law in April 2019

On April 30, 2019, Coan and Law conducted a surprise marriage. Law wore a navy corduroy suit and jacket, while Coan wore a short off-white ruffled dress as they exchanged vows at The Old Marylebone Town Hall in London.

Phillipa Coan shares one child with Law

The couple had their first child together the following year, but they haven’t announced the sex or the child’s name. In September 2020, the Young Pope actor exclaimed, “It’s very amazing.” We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have lived in a time when we could all just live together and enjoy each day as it came.

The child joins Law’s five children from prior relationships—Rafferty, Iris, Rudy, Sophia, and Ada—as his sixth child.

Coan and Law: A Private Love Story Unveiled at Special Occasions

Coan and Law are occasionally spotted together at occasions, although Coan and her husband try to keep their romance private. For the couple, maintaining their privacy is crucial, and according to Law in 2017, their love has grown as a result. “She belongs to me alone. I’m incredibly joyful “”Modern Luxury,” he said. “She’s a pretty private person, which plays a big part in it. And because of how intimate our relationship is, I believe that’s a big reason why it works so well.”

Coan and Law have fun at sporting events

Throughout their relationship, the couple has been seen watching a lot of sporting events together. Coan and Law were spotted at Wimbledon watching tennis shortly after getting married. At basketball games, the pair has also been captured in photographs courtside.

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