How to Create the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

How to Create the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

With around 5 million homes going to new owners in 2022, you can expect a flurry of renovations to happen across the nation this year. After all, the only thing better than buying a house is making that house into a home you love.

So much activity centers on the kitchen in most modern homes. It’s no surprise a kitchen renovation tops many new homeowners’ to-do lists.

Sleek, ultra-modern kitchens ruled the roost for a while. Recently, though, the farmhouse kitchen design has come back into favor.

If you’re leaning in that direction, keep reading for our guide to creating the perfect farmhouse kitchen.

Bright Colors

One of the mainstays of farmhouse kitchen decor is bright colors. The easiest way you can achieve this is with paint. No, white isn’t your only choice.

Popular color choices can also include light grays or beiges. In reality, you’re only limited by the colors you like. If it hews toward the bright side of the spectrum, you can probably get away with it.

So, if light green tickles your fancy more than light gray, run with it.

Natural Wood

Another staple of farmhouse decor, in general, and farmhouse kitchens, in particular, is natural wood. In other words, the natural grain of the wood remains on display for all to see.

Some people opt for a full-on approach with wooden cabinets, wooden floors, and wooden molding. That much wood can prove overwhelming.

If you prefer a lighter touch, consider adding tasteful wood features like wooden shelving. Not sure what you’re looking for? Head over here to shop for more options.

Apron Sink

You can’t really call it a farmhouse kitchen if you don’t have an apron sink. A traditional drop sink rests more or less even with the countertop.

An apron sink has a very visible front that hangs over the front of your countertop. It looks a bit like the front of an apron. The good news is that these sinks have grown more popular, so you can find them with relative ease.


A kitchen island isn’t exclusive to the farmhouse theme, but it’s hard to call a kitchen without one a farmhouse kitchen. Of course, you must size your island for the kitchen you have.

If you have a big kitchen, a big island can offer an excellent central workplace. If your kitchen runs small, your island should follow suit.

Creating Your Farmhouse Kitchen

Creating your farmhouse kitchen is, fortunately, less about exotic materials and more about embracing a feeling. The feeling expresses itself by embracing a light color scheme, offset by natural wood additions.

Of course, it goes beyond that. You must secure an apron sink because this style of sink is synonymous with the farmhouse kitchen ideal.

You will need a kitchen island. Islands offer practical benefits, such as extra workspace and storage. They also fit in nicely with the classic farmhouse theme.

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