Secret Santa’s List Of Non Gender Specific Gifts 

Secret Santa's List Of Non Gender Specific Gifts

That special time of the year when we spend a lot of money on stuff is coming around again all too soon! Yes, the holidays, a wonderful time of fellowship, joy, and maxed-out credit cards! You are going to have to give some gifts, so you might as well get started early instead of waiting for December 24th like everybody else does. This is actually a great way to spread the pain out over time, instead of buying everything in the short space (and available funds) of just one month, why not do it over six, or more? You don’t even have to pick things specifically for any special someone with our list of very clever non-gender specific gift ideas! You can play “Secret Santa” to everyone, it won’t matter who you give these to, these will fit in anybody’s stocking!

Gift Cards – Let’s just cut to the chase with this one- you don’t know what they want, so let them just choose it for themselves with some lovely gift cards! They come in all kinds of colours for all kinds of stores, and are bound to buy something the lucky recipient actually wants! 

Spa Gift Set – This may sound a bit feminine to some ears, but trust me, these days dudes are using them, too. A delightful pre-made spa gift basket will probably come with a soothing face mask, perfumed bath soap, loofah (if you know what that is please tell me), organic lotion, fragrant bath bomb (I don’t want to know), and a scented candle that smells like a cologne advertisement in a magazine. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a nice pampering! 

Booze – I need a drink after all that pampering. Check this out, a Whiskey Gift Basket! Now you are speaking my language, Ho Ho Ho! Bottoms up! Obviously not a child’s gift, let’s just assume we are all adults here. Now, pass the whiskey basket!

Water Bottle – Well, obviously not of the same quality as the Whiskey Gift Basket, but one of our staff put it on the list, so here it is. Apparently, they come in all kinds of groovy colours and fun designs to match any 10-speed bike, and are “The perfect practical gift if your recipient is into fitness!” I will take their word on that, and make sure I draw them for Secret Santa at the office party because this perfect practical gift will only put me out a Bluey or less. Pass the whiskey basket, we can use the water bottle to hold the mixer!

Bedding or Towels – Nothing says “I don’t care” like the gift of bedding or towels! This whole thing got started by big-money corporate guys after VCRs went out of style. My kid came home with a towel once, apparently, Secret Santa’s dad sent his classmate to the school party with one. I will find him eventually…

Great news- gifts are tax-exempt in Australia! 

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