Katelyn Lordahl: Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, OnlyFans/TikTok Journey

Katelyn Lordahl: Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, OnlyFans/TikTok Journey

Katelyn Lordahl, known as @katielordahl on TikTok, is famous for her captivating dance performances and short-form videos. Professionally, she is known as an Instagram model, TikTok star, OnlyFans content creator, fitness model, and singer. She is especially popular for the modeling and bikini pictures she puts on her Instagram account. 



Katelyn Lordahl was born in Miami, Florida, USA, on June 10, 2002. As of 2023, she’s a 21-year-old young adult. She’s a Gemini, and she grew up in a healthy American family.


Katelyn Lordahl High School

She’s American, and her family background is Caucasian. She received her education at Miami Carol City Senior High School, her hometown’s prestigious high school. Upon successfully graduating from there, she was enticed to join the University of California, where she gained recognition as a popular dancer and model.

How she began her career 

Katelyn started her modeling journey on Instagram on FEBRUARY 14, 2019, by sharing beautiful photos and videos of herself in stylish lingerie outfits. Her popularity grew rapidly as her posts gained thousands of followers. In July 2020, she became famous on TikTok when a video of her dancing to a popular song went viral.

After gaining popularity, Katelyn put in a lot of effort to keep her fans engaged with her content. She also secured a contract with the prestigious Apex Modeling agency when she was quite young. Her growing fan base was a positive sign for her, as her content started getting more views every day, leading to more agencies and influencers wanting to collaborate with her. It was a peak time in her career. Following that success, she also signed with another modeling agency, the Siren Agency. As a teenager, she became a role model, building a remarkably strong career. 

Moreover, Katelyn’s work as a fashion model and Instagram influencer involved partnerships with a wide range of brands in fashion, sports, skincare, makeup, and health, including Plumeria, Swimwear, Dolls Kill, Frankies, Hazel Boutique, OH POLLY, Neena Swim, and tiger Mist, and many others. She collaborated with many famous influencers to create stunning content and inspire her audience with authenticity. Her impact extended far beyond the screen.

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Relationship and Boyfriend

Katelyn Lordahl And Shawn Kahres

Katelyn Lordahl and Shawn Kahres are in a loving and committed relationship. Recently, on March 28, Shawn shared a sweet picture of Katelyn on Instagram with the caption “Us against the 🌎,” indicating their strong bond.

But interestingly, Katelyn hasn’t shared any pictures of Shawn on her own Instagram account. She might want to keep her personal life private, especially when she’s well-known on social media, which is something many famous people do.

About her Family

Katelyn’s parents have been a great source of strength and comfort for her throughout her career, especially since she started working at a young age. While she deeply values her parents’ support, she has chosen to keep them out of the public eye and has never publicly disclosed information about them. This decision allows her to maintain their privacy while pursuing her career.

Her love for pets

Katelyn And Shawn Baby Cashew

Katelyn and Shawn adopted a cute puppy named Cashew in December. Cashew is by breed an English Cream Mini Dachshund. They care for Cashew a lot and even created an Instagram account for their pet. They bought a house for Cashew, and wherever they go or travel, including the beach, they bring Cashew along. They’re proud pet parents and love spending time with their furry child.

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Social media life

She started her modeling career by sharing pretty pictures on social media platforms. She used Instagram to not only show her modeling work but also to share bits of her daily life and what she’s up to. Her fans got to see a glimpse of her world through her Instagram posts.

Not only Instagram, she also shares her content on Tiktok, Twitter, and onlyfans.

Social Media Profiles Links

People who are interested to know more about Katelyn Lordahl, can follow her on social media. 

InstagramKT Lordahl




Katelyn Lordahl on TikTok

Known for her thriving career as a fashion model and Instagram sensation, Katelyn Lordahl decided to broaden her horizons by venturing into the world of TikTok. Under the username @ktlordahl, she embarked on this new platform, sharing captivating videos filled with lively lip-syncing and dance performances.

Katelyn’s fame skyrocketed when one of her short dance videos, featuring popular tracks from Rosalía and Travis Scott, went viral. This viral sensation not only broadened her fanbase but also provided a fresh platform to showcase her captivating dance talent. It was a pivotal moment in her career, connecting her with a wider audience and emphasizing her dancing skills.

People loved her videos, especially her iconic lip-syncing performances to popular songs. Now, with 281.2K followers and 1.8M likes, her TikTok journey shows how someone talented and creative can become a big hit on different social media platforms. Her entertaining content not only made people smile but also allowed them to connect with her along the way.

Katelyn on OnlyFans

She also maintains an OnlyFans account, a unique platform for sharing exclusive content with subscribers. On OnlyFans, she provides special experiences and content that enable her to form deeper connections with her dedicated followers.

Net Worth

In 2023, Katelyn Lordahl’s estimated net worth ranges from $500,000 to $1 million, which is truly impressive! She earns money in a few different ways: she’s a successful model, she partners with big brands on social media, and she also makes exclusive content for people who subscribe to her on OnlyFans.

Physical Appearance


Katelyn possesses both inner and outer beauty, resembling a stunning doll with an impressive figure. What’s special about her is how confident she is, and that makes people want to be her friend. She’s about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 132 pounds. She has blonde hair that goes really well with her hazel eyes, making her look unique and charming. Her body measurements are 34-26-35, which means she has a nice figure that a lot of people find attractive. Katelyn wears size 7 shoes in the US, adding to her unique charm and distinctiveness.


  1. She uses hair extensions for long hair but also has a love for short hairstyles. She is obsessed with her collection of long wigs. 
  2. Katelyn is a guitar enthusiast. 
  3. Her interests include cycling, horseback riding, swimming, boating, and photography.
  4. Her favorite travel destination is Vienna, Austria.
  5. She is FashionNova’s brand ambassador.
  6. Traveling is something that she enjoys, and she has been to numerous destinations, including Greece, the Bahamas, Tulum, Las Vegas, Aspen, Austin, Vail, and Cabo.

Quotation by her

Your favorite girl next door👱🏻‍♀️

What I’ve been up to will blow your mind, so don’t miss it.😘

Introducing Cashew 🥰, my look-alike.

I’ve got a little magic in me ✨

Former beach enthusiasts 🏈🥂

As sweet as candy 🍬

I’m your best view 🦋

Now or never 🍒

Being in the Bahamas made my boobs grow🏝️

Last Words

Katelyn Lordahl is a young woman in her twenties. She’s full of creativity and determination to make all her childhood dreams come true. Her relentless pursuit of success shows no signs of slowing down.

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