Ishowspeed Age Career Networth Girlfriend Height


He is  an 18-year-old YouTuber and social media personality. He is a well-known figure in America due to his extraordinary success and popularity. His YouTube journey began in 2018, and audiences have been entertained by his stunning content, making him a sensation on the platform.

Real NameDarren Watkins Jr.
DOBJanuary 21, 2005 (age 18)
BirthPlace Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
ProfessionYouTuber, live streamer, internet personality, rapper and singer
birth signAquarius
Networth$10–$12 million


In his sophomore year, Darren Watkins enrolled in high school. During the month of May 2022, Speed was mugshot


Growing up in his hometown, he had two younger siblings.On his YouTube channel or any other public platform, he has clearly decided not to talk about his family. It is clear that he either does not want to discuss his parents and siblings in detail or that there may be some limitations on him doing so.

Although he lives with his mother. Darren is frequently embarrassed during his livestreams by his mother, who tells him to either stop screaming so loudly or to end the streams as a result.

Ishowspeed age

Ishowspeed Age Career Networth Girlfriend Height

Fans have disagreed over whether Darren was 19 years old (born in 2003) or 17 years old (born in 2005) at the time, and this has led to conflict in the fandom. This argument started partly because of jokes he made about children and his intermittent assumption that he was 19 to possibly improve his chances of winning dating contests on Discord. However, he had left his followers in the dark on numerous occasions by failing to state his age clearly.

Darren stated in a Q&A clip that went viral on December 22, 2020 that he was 15 years old at the time and would soon turn 16 years old. This information was revealed in the midst of the ongoing discussion about his age. Nevertheless, Darren did at last address the matter in a tweet on November 18, 2022, confessing that he was indeed 17 years old at that time and confirming his birth year as 2005.

Early Life

In 2016, he became a member of YouTube, where he would occasionally upload gameplay videos. By December 2017, Watkins ventured into livestreaming and began sharing videos featuring popular games like NBA 2K and Fortnite. However, his viewership remained relatively low, with an average of just two viewers. Over time, his subscriber count experienced a significant surge, rapidly increasing within a few months. He reached the milestone of 100 thousand subscribers in April 2021, followed by 1 million in June 2021, and an impressive 10 million in July 2022.

Musical Career

He posted his debut single, “Dooty Booty,” to his YouTube channel in August 2021. The song quickly gained popularity on YouTube and other social media platforms like TikTok after being uploaded. He released a song called “Shake” in November 2021 that took inspiration from the Fugees “Ready or Not.” Over 160 million people watched the music video for the song on YouTube. He wrote a song titled “Ronaldo (Sewey)” in June 2022 as a result of his growing admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo. In honor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, he released the single “World Cup” in November via Warner Records.

Career as a influencer

He began streaming in 2019. In 2021, when his fans started posting videos of his aggressive behavior toward gamers, video games, and his camera while live TikTok streaming, he shot to fame on the internet. These videos became well-liked and began to become popular memes. He was banned from Twitch and Valorant due to his outbursts, but his fame has been boosted by the game Talking Ben. More than ten years after its original release, Watkins’ videos on the mobile app helped Talking Ben the Dog become the best-selling game on the App Store.

In his bedroom, He nearly burned it down in July 2022 when he lit a Pikachu firework inside. He was hit in August 2022 while livestreaming on YouTube, handcuffed by police, and his cameraman was forced to cut the stream short. Ross, according to Watkins, had to post bail for him after he was arrested, allowing him to return to streaming on August 11. He also made an attempt to cheat in August 2022 while enrolled in the Ohio Digital Learning School’s “United States and Global Economics” course by asking for help from his viewers for the answers to his quiz. As a result, he received a score of zero out of ten from his audience, who deliberately gave him the wrong answers.

He participated in the Sidemen Charity Football Match in September 2022. He became angry with the referee, Mark Clattenburg, during the game because he was offside. Watkins received a yellow card for whipping him with the shirt he had removed while celebrating. Later on in the game, he approached a ballboy carrying a Messi jersey, whom he threw to the ground. American rapper and singer Lil Nas X debuted on live streaming in November 2022 on IShowSpeed’s stream.

He won the “Breakout Streamer” Streamy Award at the 12th Streamy Awards in December 2022.

Darren traveled to various football stadiums in November and December 2022 in an effort to catch his favorite player, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, in action. He visited Craven Cottage, Old Trafford, and a number of other stadiums in Qatar. Ronaldo wasn’t in the starting lineup for those contests, though, until Portugal’s defeat to Morocco.

In collaboration with Kai Cenat, he announced in May 2023 that he had signed an exclusive streaming contract with the video-sharing service Rumble.

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Social Media

TwitchSpeed (Banned)


  • In December 2021, Darren participated in a Twitch “e-dating” livestream show and made a widely interpreted rape threat,
  • April 2022, he was permanently banned from Valorant and all Riot Games titles for directing derogatory remarks toward a female player
  • July 2022, he received a community guidelines strike and a one-week ban on YouTube for live streaming explicit content in a Minecraft mod. In November 2022, Sky Sports removed him from their platform due to past misogynistic and derogatory comments.
  • In December 2022, he exhibited racist behavior toward a Chinese spectator at the FIFA World Cup, prompting controversy and an apology video from him.


He is single right now. But he has had a girlfriend in the past.They got separated with mutual understanding. Their relationship went public in 2021, when Ishowspeed introduced her. Ermony and Ishowspeed met in her local UDF and became fast friends. Ermony is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated from Walnut Hills High School. Rightnow, she is enrolled in the University of Cincinnati.


As of 2023, IShowSpeed has an estimated net worth of $10–$12 million. YouTube has been his primary source of income.

Physical Appearnce

134 Ibs
Height5.9 inches
Shoe SizeUS 7
Eye colorDark Brown


  1. He has his own clothing brand.
  2. On youtube he has 16.8M followers and has total views 1.36 billion. Has got 3 awards from youtube.
  3. Got Banned for Violating terms and conditions from Twitch.
  4. He has a tattoos on his arm.


What is his real name?

Darren Watkins Jr. is his real name and on social media he is known for ishowspeed.

Does he have a daughter?

By announcing that he has a daughter, YouTube star IShowSpeed denied rumors that he is gay. According to a source, he had the child yes you’re reading right the streamer was just 16 years old when his daughter was born, about the same time that he began posting his videos online. His daughter name is Naomi

What was the birthplace of Darren ?

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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