5 SEO Trends to Keep an Eye on This Year

5 SEO Trends to Keep an Eye on This Year

Did you know that there are 5.16 billion people who use the Internet?

This number has been increasing at an astonishing rate as time goes on. When a piece of information can be accessed through the click of a button, it’s reasonable that billions of people would do so.

Everyone favors convenience, and the world has adapted to this trait.

Knowing which SEO trends to follow is crucial if you are to secure the attention of Google because once you do, you gain free visibility! Keep reading to see what you should look out for this year!

1. Mobile Optimization Strategies

Mobile optimization is quickly becoming an essential part of SEO strategy for this year. Google has started favoring pages that are optimized for mobile devices over those designed for desktops.

This means websites must be designed with a mobile-first attitude in mind. Other mobile optimization strategies include:

  • Creating versions based on device type
  • Creating user-friendly page loading speeds
  • Resizing images to optimize viewing on screens

With mobile becoming more important than ever, ensuring that mobile optimization strategies are in place should be a primary concern for any company engaging in SEO.

2. Automation

Automation could help local SEO automate tedious tasks and save time. It can be used to identify SEO opportunities and monitor trends. It assists in understanding the customer journey by tracking customer behavior on search engines.

Automation provides analytics and metrics that are essential for SEO professionals to track SEO performance and make data-driven decisions.

Structured data allows computers and search engines to better understand the context of a webpage more accurately. It helps with featured snippets, which have become increasingly important in improving the visibility of sites on search engine results pages.

Voice search, on the other hand, is rapidly becoming more popular due to the rise of voice assistant technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Making sure SEO-optimized content is easy to understand and quick to respond to voice commands combined with structured data can make your website more visible to voice search users.

4. Content Marketing & Video SEO

Content marketing is a great solution for engaging customers and driving traffic to your website. One key trend that’s being watch out for is using videos to explain complex topics and present company services and products. Video SEO helps businesses to target people searching for a specific product.

By understanding the current trends and embracing them, businesses can stay at the cutting edge of content marketing and video SEO. Keep your SEO strategy relevant and use KEYSTAR to stay on top of the latest SEO trends to take your business to the next level

5. User Intent

User intent is a measure of what the user hopes to gain from their search, such as collecting information, solving a problem, or finding an item they want to purchase. To ensure that your content accurately reflects user intent, it is critical to stay on top of these trends.

Keep an eye out for updates to user intent updates such as featured snippets. Where the search engine pulls a direct answer to a query from the page. And also natural language processing, which uses AI to interpret user intent in more complex searches. 

SEO trends for this year are exciting, and by tapping into some of these strategies, you can help your business reach its digital marketing goals. Keep an eye on social media content and engagement, as well as mobile-friendly web design. 

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