Types of High Speed Doors

What Are High-Speed Doors?

Did you know that there are 33 billion doors in the world? You can also upgrade your front door even more! That’s right; there is a type of door that is even more high-tech and impressive than the traditional styles. It is called a high-speed door.

So, if you are considering adding high-speed doors, check out this article. We have broken down everything you need to know about these doors.

Benefits of High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors are one of the most valuable products today. They provide many benefits to the users that help them.

Energy Efficiency

High-speed doors are one of the most efficient ways to improve energy efficiency significantly. They use a combination of air curtains and tight seals. This block out the elements, which can cause heat loss or gain.

The doors, like electric doors, roll up quickly and close quickly. This ensures no outside air enters or leaves through the opening.

This helps regulate the temperature in the facility. It can lead to less energy being wasted to maintain a steady temperature.

Decrease Heating and Cooling Costs

The efficiency that high-speed doors provide in terms of decreasing heating and cooling costs is unmatched. With the addition of a high-speed door, the temperature within the building is maintained more uniformly. This helps reduce overall costs associated with heating or cooling the building.

High-speed Doors also help reduce noise, keeping warm and cold air out. It also reduces billable costs associated with power and heating.  For one, they prevent the loss of heated or cooled air by providing an airtight barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces. This also reduces the need for additional heating or cooling systems.

These advantages have meant that High-speed doors have become an increasingly popular choice for businesses.

Fast Operation

High-speed doors are a great asset to any industrial setting, particularly for areas that need fast processing. The changes in the environment and the reduction of dust, dirt, and debris are just a few benefits.

The fast operation of the doors is the most important advantage. The doors use sensors and detectors. It instantly responds to the presence of people or objects, performing incredibly fast in both opening and closing cycles.

This speed helps prevent accidents and keeps people and goods within the facility safer.

Maintenance and Safety

Regular maintenance and service checks should be conducted. This can help to ensure your employees’ safety and the door’s efficiency.

Check that the door is aligned correctly and that components and parts are not cracked or loose. The safety edges must be appropriately adjusted and in working order.

Regularly lubricate moving parts to reduce vibrations, friction, or excessive noise. Periodically inspect the track and springs to ensure they are in working order. All fasteners should be checked and tightened.

Periodically check the door’s operation for smooth motion. Do not let debris, dust, or liquids accumulate on the track and the bottom seal of the high-speed doors. This can limit their efficiency and cause them to fail.

Training your employees in safe operational techniques of the door is essential. This can help ensure that no injuries occur due to its usage.

These simple steps can help ensure that your high-speed door runs as efficiently and safely as possible. If you need help with the maintenance, be sure to check and visit Overhead Tampa.

Types of High-Speed Doors

Different types of high-speed doors can be used in many different environments. This allows quick and easy ingress and egress. Each type of door offers unique benefits, making it essential to research the right option for any particular application.

Rolling/Coiling Steel Doors

Rolling/coiling steel doors are one type of high-speed door. These doors are made of flexible steel. This enables them to be opened and closed quickly.

Rolling/coiling steel doors are ideal for firms requiring improved security with a streamlined opening/closing procedure. They are also great for situations requiring a fast and secure door cycle. This type of high-speed door is available in many designs, from manual to automatic doors.

Manufactured from steel, these doors have a painted finish that is long-lasting and easy to clean. They are available in many different sizes and configurations. This makes them an excellent fit for many industrial and commercial buildings.

Vertical Lift Doors

Vertical lift doors are high-speed doors frequently used in industrial settings. These doors, as the name implies, feature an upward vertical motion.

Typically, these doors open on a guide track suspended above the doorway. When triggered by motion sensors, the door moves rapidly upward until it comes into contact with the track.

Vertical lift doors are often used in warehouses and factories to minimize energy loss, protect against wind, noise, and dust, and create an effective barrier between different departments or areas. Thanks to their flexibility and speed, these doors can open faster than traditional doors, offering quick access and closure in industrial settings. Additionally, they allow for a smooth flow of goods or people, providing quick and secure access to the area.

Sliding Fabric Doors

Sliding fabric doors are one of the most common high-speed doors. They offer superior insulation and temperature control while providing excellent airflow.

The construction of these doors consists of multiple layers of fabric, creating a lightweight, durable, and flexible material. Sliding fabric doors are available in various sizes and can be tailored to the environment’s needs.

They are also easy to operate, allowing quick access to the controlled area. Sliding fabric doors, like other high-speed doors, can provide improved safety and thermal performance to the space while also protecting from weather and noise.

The installation of these doors is very quick and cost-effective. This makes them attractive for industrial, commercial, or large-scale residential applications.

Using High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors are suitable for various environments and can be customized. They are increasingly becoming a popular choice of door due to their durability, versatility, and fast operation. Utilize the multiple types to ensure your business is well protected.

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