A Guide to the Different Types of Vapes

A Guide to the Different Types of Vapes

Over one in five young adults in the US have tried vaping at least once. Many vapers have also said that vape products helped them quit smoking because they taste better.

Have you also decided to quit smoking for good? This is the best choice because your bank account and health will bounce back quickly.

However, there are many types of vapes to choose from, so it can seem daunting. Keep reading to learn more about the best vape products and accessories.


Disposables are a top favorite when it comes to vape products. Nothing is more convenient than a throwaway device with a coil and juice. You do not need to do much to start vaping.

Just rip off the box and take your first puff after removing all the outer plastic. The best part is that you also do not need to remember to charge these.

They are meant to be disposed of in the end. So, puff on them and enjoy the flavor while it lasts. Check out EB Design Vape for the best products.

Vape Pens

Vape pens give you more control because they have adjustable features. They are shaped like a pen and can be recharged at any time. These are great options for those who want to keep reusing their vape pen instead of throwing it away when the juice runs out.

All you must do is pop vape pens into your USB port, and you are good to go. The best part is that you can also take advantage of thousands of e-juices at your disposal. You get to try numerous flavors without buying a new pen each time.


These are little slim devices that look like a cigarette. Many love using these as their first devices because they feel easy to hold and carry. Heavy smokers find vaping significantly easier by getting their hands on cigalikes.

This is because cigalikes involve a familiar hand-to-mouth inhaling action like cigarettes, so heavy smokers often feel that they are not ditching their old habit altogether to make the switch more bearable.

Pod Mods

Pod mods are the next step up from using vape pens. These are a safe option for those who want total freedom to pack their own e-liquids into the device.

You can get prefilled pods to avoid the hassle of buying refillable ones. These devices barely require any maintenance and are easy for beginners to use.

There is already a coil installed with juice inside, so take a puff and experience the wonderful world of delicious, prefilled pods that fit your device perfectly.

Vape Mods

Vape mods are top end vape products that are advanced with customizable features. If you are into cloud chasing, you can upgrade to vape mods to increase power and get more clouds out of your device.

These are the best vape products if you want customizable airflow and cool features like temperature control.

Try Different Types of Vapes

Now that you know the best types of vapes for beginners, it is time to try some exciting flavors. Remember that you must be over the legal age to buy or consume vape products.

You should also always purchase products from reputable vape brands to ensure you get the highest quality. If you enjoyed reading this vape products guide, check out some of our other posts.

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