Your Guide to Ecommerce Packaging and Shipping Supplies

e-commerce packaging

Stuck choosing e-commerce supplies? You need to strike a balance between cost. and getting your products to customers unscathed.Keep reading to learn what the different e-commerce packaging supplies are for.

Common Components of E-commerce Packaging

E-commerce packaging needs a lot of supplies to get where it’s going. The main shipping supplies include:

  • Corrugated shipping boxes
  • Shipping labels
  • Package tape
  • Void fillers
  • Bubble mailers

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes remain popular to this day.

Strong, durable, and easily customized, they’re tried and true, and with good reason. Their cost-effectiveness and reliability, when combined with void fillers and bubble wrap, ensure that packages arrive in mint condition.

You’ll find reliable and affordable boxes in all shapes and sizes at these corrugated cardboard box manufacturers.

One great thing about cardboard boxes is that it’s easy to switch to recycled materials. That helps the eco-conscious business do good for the environment.

Shipping Labels 

Shipping labels are the distant cousin of boxes—essential in every e-commerce shipping order. They provide important information to third-party shipping companies that tell them where their e-commerce boxes are headed.

This includes the shipping and return addresses, order tracking numbers, and carrier information. Shipping labels can be printed with a standard printer with simple adhesive labels. However, it’s common for e-commerce suppliers to use thermal printing methods for their efficiency.

Packaging Tape

Tape is used to seal packages and secure labels. Most packing tape is high-quality and able to withstand the rigors of shipping. Tape comes in various colors, including clear packing tape, eco-friendly tape, reinforced tape, and printed tape with branding.

Void Fillers

Void fill is essential when shipping delicate products.

It pads empty spaces to prevent items from sliding around inside their boxes. These shipping supplies use materials like packing peanuts, air pillows, and shredded paper.

Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are lightweight and include a layer of bubble wrap for added protection.

They’re ideal when shipping small, delicate items such as electronics and jewelry. E-commerce companies can customize them with branding should they desire.

Choosing the Right Packaging

The three main factors when choosing shipping supplies are:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Protection

Choosing packaging that can accommodate a product’s size is essential to reduce the risk of damage. And businesses must analyze the degree of protection needed. Corrugated boxes, bubble mailers, and void fillers help products arrive unharmed.

In addition, you need to think of the environment. As eco-awareness grows, businesses can no longer ignore the impact of waste products. Customers are increasingly eyeing needless waste with suspicion. Environmentally friendly materials can be more expensive, but they’re better for the environment in the long run.

Pack Your Products the Right Way

Choosing the right e-commerce packaging is part (and parcel) of running a successful business. Consider weight, size, protection, and environmental impact. That way, you ensure your products arrive in good condition without harming the environment.

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