How to Design the Best Outdoor Signs for Your Business

How to Design the Best Outdoor Signs for Your Business

Everyone likes to come home from a busy day of work to a neatly trimmed lawn. But if your business is the one cutting the lawn, it can be hard to advertise.

Few people pause to read lawn signs.

Other forms of advertising, like TV commercials or flyers, may be more effective. But when it comes to outdoor signs, there are many clever ways to advertise your business.

Make sure your business shines like a freshly cut lawn by reading our guide to the best outdoor signs.

Determine the Purpose of Your Business Sign

It is important to determine the purpose of your business sign before you begin designing it. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with it. Is it meant to attract attention from potential customers or to provide wayfinding information?

You should determine how your sign will be used – whether it will be displayed on a roadside, on the side of a building, or at an event. Consider whether you want it to be easily noticed during the day or illuminated at night. 

Research Local Business Sign Regulations

Research local ordinances and zoning regulations before beginning the sign design process. Zoning ordinances typically regulate the size, placement, and lighting of signs. Permits may also be required if the sign includes a lighting element.

In many cases, sign permits will need to be obtained from the local government or zoning board. You may also need to research any restrictions and regulations imposed by homeowners associations, as these often vary from city to city. 

Determine Sign Location

When designing outdoor signs for a business, it is important to first consider sign location. Determine the desired visibility and how the sign will be used. Do you need customers to know when they have arrived, or do you want to draw attention to an event or sale? Are you also considering outdoor signage? Or an indoor one?

Based on the purpose, consider the most efficient way your business will be seen or accessed. This could include visibility from a nearby road, foot traffic areas, or business entrances. 

Choose the Best Sign Type

When it comes to designing the best outdoor signs for your business, choosing the right sign type is key. There are a variety of outdoor sign types to choose from, including vinyl banners, yard signs, A-frames, and portable signs.

Vinyl banners are great for getting your message across in a big and bold way. Yard signs are smaller and can be used for special promotions or to announce an upcoming event.

A-frames allow for a double-sided design and are perfect for drawing attention to a store entrance. And lastly, portable signs such as sidewalk signs, A-frames, and kiosks are great for when you need to move your sign around to multiple locations. Once you have set all of these factors, look for the best window graphics printing services to help you get this started.

Learn How to Design Outdoor Signs Ideas

Outdoor signs can be an effective and affordable way to promote your business and attract new customers. By implementing these sign ideas, you can create outdoor signs that will maximize your visibility, complement your brand, and be easy to read. 

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