Can You Correct Uneven Boob Shapes?

Can You Correct Uneven Boob Shapes?

You may be looking into breast augmentation because your breasts have different sizes. While this issue can be life-changing, you have the power to make a change for the better with some simple augmentation techniques.

Many women do not realize how common it is for breasts to have uneven shapes. In fact, it is one of the most common side effects of breast milk production.

As a woman’s body changes in the lactation process, her breasts may begin to grow out of proportion. Fortunately, there are ways to rectify the issue.

Keep reading to learn more about correcting uneven boob shapes and which procedure may be right for you.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery is a medical procedure designed to correct Uneven Boob Shapes. It can be used to correct lopsided breasts. The breasts may also be uneven due to genetics.

It could also be due to a prior breast augmentation procedure that didn’t turn out the way it was expected. Breast Augmentation Surgery can:

  • provide increased volume to one or both breasts
  • reducing size difference
  • restoring symmetry to the area

Making an incision on the side of the breast or in the crease underneath, your surgeon will use an implant, usually silicone, to add the desired shape and size. Results can be dependent on the following:

  • amount of correction needed
  • body type
  • implant size

Recovery time can range from several weeks to two months, with the desired results providing increased confidence and self-esteem through an even and symmetrical body.

Adopt a Balanced Breastfeeding Routine

Adopt a balanced breastfeeding routine to correct asymmetrical breasts. Not all women have perfectly even breasts, and breastfeeding is one of the most common causes of increased breast size differences.

To avoid these size differences, try to alternate which breast each feeding. Pair feedings with pumping on the same side every few days. This helps even out the milk supply, reducing the size differences between each breast.

Monitor how much milk your baby takes in from each breast and adjust the feeding routine accordingly. Make sure to give your baby enough time to empty one breast before switching sides. 

Lifestyle Changes

When it comes to correcting uneven breasts, lifestyle changes can be critical. Exercises such as chest presses, chest flys, and press-ups can increase the muscle mass in the chest region, which can help to even out the breasts.

Furthermore, Avoid tight-fitting bras and incorporate a balanced diet. Having regular exercise added into everyday routines can help to keep the body toned and the breasts in shape.

Additionally, postural corrections can also help to correct unevenness, especially if caused by slouching. Yoga or stretching can be great for stretching out the chest area, which can help even up the breast size. 

Fixing Uneven Boob Shapes

It’s possible for uneven boob shapes to be corrected. Options vary from using a supportive bra, getting a breast lift, or balancing the size of the breasts with implants.

Any woman considering any of these options should discuss with a plastic surgeon who can offer the best-informed advice. Contact a plastic surgeon today to start exploring your options!

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