Cassidy hutchinson Age, Career, Education Biography & Networth

Cassidy hutchinson Age Career, Education Biography And Networth

On June 28, 2022, Cassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson, a rising young figure, gained fame after her compelling testimony before the “House January 6 Committee.” Having previously worked as an assistant to Mark Meadows and as a White House aide during the Trump administration, Hutchinson’s recent statements caught the public’s eye.


Full NameCassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson 
NicknameCassidy Hutchinson
Known forTestimony before the January 6 Committee
OccupationFormer assistant to the White House Chief of Staff
Political partyRepublican
Birth placePennington, New Jersey, U.S.
Age26-27 years
EducationBachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.


She graduated from Hopewell Valley Central High School in 2015 and studied at Christopher Newport University between 2015 and 2018, receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and American Studies in 2019. She describes herself as a “first-generation college student.

Cassidy hutchinson age

She is thought to be in her mid-twenties and was born between 1995 and 1996. Although there isn’t much information about her personal life, we can estimate her age.


She has had an exciting career in politics. It all started when she interned for Republican Senator Ted Cruz and later for Steve Scalise, a Republican representative. She then had the chance to intern at the White House in the Office of Legislative Affairs, where she learned about making laws and policies. In 2020, Mark Meadows, who became President Trump’s chief of staff, noticed Cassidy’s talents and hired her as one of his assistants. She quickly became his right-hand person, helping him with important tasks and coordinating legislative matters. She was known for taking thorough notes, traveling with Meadows, and even dancing at a campaign rally. After President Trump left office, Cassidy was supposed to work for him in Florida, but things changed unexpectedly, and she didn’t get that opportunity. Despite the twist in her plans, Cassidy’s political career journey has been eventful and full of valuable experiences.

Her testimonial for January 6 Committee

Cassidy Hutchinson Testimonial For January 6 Committee

Donald Trump attempted to get to the Capitol following his rally at the Elipse, as she revealed during her testimony. Bobby Engel, a Secret Service agent, informed Trump that he could not join for security reasons despite his desire to do so.

After hearing Bobby Engel’s statement, Cassidy reports that Trump became very angry and reacted explosively to it. Based on Bobby’s information, she described his behavior as irate. According to Trump, the President must be taken to the Capitol as soon as possible. However, Bobby Engel stood firm and stayed in the West Wing.

During her testimony, she also went into detail about Trump’s responses to Rep. Liz Cheney’s inquiries. According to reports, Trump became angry and grabbed the wheel of his armored car. Bobby played an active role and told Trump to release his hold on the situation right away, highlighting that they weren’t going to the Capitol. In Her testimony, at this point, Trump turned to look at Bobby and grabbed him by the throat. Following Cassidy’s testimony, media reports claimed that because of reliable information the Secret Service had been granted, security had refused Trump’s request to visit the Capitol. The White House was informed that some of the participants were in control of weapons such as knives, crossbows, and AR-15 assault rifles. This intelligence had a major impact on how important it was to ensure everyone’s safety and security. 

CNN report on her testimonial

Three days after Hutchinson’s testimony, two Secret Service agents reportedly spoke with two additional Secret Service agents. Since February 2021, they have heard numerous accounts of the incident. While details varied, the agents confirmed there was a heated confrontation. One agent mentioned that Trump had attempted to lunge over the seat, although the reason was unclear. However, no one claimed that Trump physically attacked Engel. A Secret Service official also stated that Engel denied Trump grabbing the steering wheel or lunging at an agent on his detail. Furthermore, Ornato denied informing Hutchinson of such events.

A Politico report reported on the same day that Engel hadn’t told his Secret Service colleagues about the incident until 14 months after the incident took place.

On July 14, 2022, CNN published an account corroborated by a Metropolitan Police officer who was part of the motorcade. The officer confirmed a “heated exchange” between Trump and his Secret Service detail when they refused to take him to the Capitol after his rally on January 6.

As the day’s events unfolded, Hutchinson recalled an exchange between Cipollone and Meadows. According to her testimony, Cipollone expressed the urgency of taking action due to calls for the vice president to be harmed. Meadows responded dismissively, implying that he believed the vice president deserved it. Hutchinson also mentioned that former White House aide Alyssa Farah Griffin was her backchannel, allowing her to interview without Passantino’s knowledge. Hutchinson claimed that Passantino wanted her to avoid the committee’s questions. She testified that Passantino emphasized the need to protect the President and assured her of his support by promising a good job in Trump’s circle. Meadows also allegedly told Hutchinson that Trump acknowledged his loss in the election.

Physical Appearance

She is a beautiful woman with long, light brown hair that compliments her figure. Regarding Hutchinson’s height, she is around 5 feet, 5 inches (1.68 meters), and her weight is 114 pounds (52 kilograms). The black color of her eyes makes her look stunning and attractive.


She was undoubtedly making a good income thanks to her position at the White House. Before being hired at the White House, she completed an internship with a number of very prominent figures and had a net worth of $250,000.


Did Trump accept her accusation?

No, Trump denied all the allegations.

Is she a member of any political party? 

The political group “Republican Party” counts her among its members.

Where was her family settle now?

In Williamsburg, Virginia, United States.

What was her age?

Cassidy hutchinson age would be 26-27. According to available information

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