The Journey Continues: Reliving Cal Kestis’ Adventures with a Replica Lightsaber

The Journey Continues: Reliving Cal Kestis' Adventures with a Replica Lightsaber

If there is one thing the Star Wars franchise never falls short on, it’s keeping the interest of fans with several successful films, spin-off series, comics, games, and extensions of the original canon. These series and games are made all the more successful with their epic storytelling and unique characters. One such unique character is Cal Kestis from the 2019 action-adventure game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Set in the Star Wars Universe (five years after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith); the story follows a young Jedi Padawan, Cal Kestis, and his journey through an Empire-controlled galaxy.

Below we shall take a look at some important details you need to know about Cal Kestis, including the events of the Jedi Fallen Order, the continuation of his journey in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and how you can relive some of his epic adventures with a replica Cal Kestis Lightsaber.

Cal Kestis – The Journey So Far

The event of the Jedi Fallen Order shows Cal Kestis (a Force-sensitive human male) working as a scrapper in the remote world of Bracca. As one of the few survivors of the Emperor’s Order 66 purge, Cal (who was a Jedi Padawan to Jaro Tapal) took up this meager and secluded life on Bracca in the hopes that he would avoid the gaze of the Empire and their Inquisitors.

After escaping being attacked by their own troops with the help of his Master Tapal (who was killed), Cal carries both his master’s lightsaber and trauma from the experience- trusting no one but the force.

After years of living in seclusion, his secret of being force-sensitive does come out when he uses the force to save his friend, Prauf, from being killed in a tragic accident. This then leads to a confrontation with the Inquisitors and him being hunted by the ruthless Second and Ninth Sisters. He manages to evade them with the help of Cere Junda and Greez Dritus, two mysterious individuals who take him aboard their rogue starship, the “Stinger Mantis”.

Over the course of his journey on the Stinger Mantis, Cal decides to embrace his connection to the force and help in rebuilding the Jedi Order. He also befriends the droid BD-1, and together, they all tried to locate a Jedi Holocron (hidden by Cere’s former Master, Eno Cordova) that contained the names and locations of several Force-sensitive children, a piece of information that was vital to rebuilding the Jedi Order.

While surviving an encounter with Sith Lord Vader, they did in fact, retrieve the holocron but Cal chose to destroy it as a way of protecting the Force-sensitive children from the Sith. At this point, Cal had been recognised as a fully-trained Jedi by his new mentor, Cere Junda.

Cal’s Journey Continues In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

This shows the continuation of Cal’s (who is now a Jedi Knight) journey after he part ways with the crew of the Stinger Mantis and starts working with Saw Gerrera and his new friend, Bode Akuna, to undermine the Empire.

The story centers on a mission where Cal unintentionally frees Dagan Gera (a centuries-old Jedi Master), who was placed in a bacta tank. Gera turns out to be nothing like Cal expected, as he seems to have forsaken his Jedi teachings and embraced the Dark side.

Together with Cere, Bode, Greez, and Merrin, Cal embarks on a mission to find Dagan Gera. On this mission, they discover that the true motive behind Gera’s actions was that he was trying to find a way back to the planet Tanalorr which he had discovered beyond the Koboh Abyss. After discovering the existence of Tanalorr, Cal is hopeful that they can use the planet as a refuge for Force sensitives and people looking to evade the Empire.

Cere eventually dies at the hands of Sith Lord Vader, and Bode betrays Cal. Following this betrayal, Cal travels to confront Bode at Nova Garon, where he discovers Bode’s connection to the Dark Side. Ultimately with Merrin’s help, Cal is able to defeat Bode when they find him and his daughter on Tanalorr. They also take on the responsibility of caring for Bode’s daughter Kata while continuing their mission to save and bring Force sensitives to Tanalorr.

Reliving Cal Kestis’ Adventures With a Replica Lightsaber

Following the recent global release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you can also become a part of the galaxy far far away by embarking on epic adventures and reliving some of Cal’s heroic moments with a replica of his lightsaber. With a high-quality Cal Kestis replica combat lightsaber that features a strong metal hilt, heavy-grade polycarbonate blade, colour-changing features, motion-sensitive sound effects, and power-saving abilities, avid fans of Cal’s story can experience the thrill of dueling just like their favourite character.


With his storied journey, unique fighting style, and dedication to rebuilding the Jedi Order, Cal Kestis has very quickly become a fan-favourite canon character from Star Wars. Fans of the franchise can also get to relive many of his heroic moments by getting themselves a replica Cal Kestis lightsaber.

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