Aya Hitakayama: Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, OnlyFans Profile

Aya Hitakayama: Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, OnlyFans Profile

Aya Hitakayama, also known as Try a Little Tenderness, is a rising star in the adult entertainment industry, thanks to her distinctive webcam modeling and personal brand. Despite her mysterious persona, she has gained significant recognition and popularity in the past year.

Who is Aya Hitakayama?

Aya is quickly gaining fame as a young rising star. Her fans really love her energetic webcam performances. She’s a curious and sensitive person who enjoys trying new things, so it’s important to interact with her politely and respectfully.

Age and background.

According to her adult platform profile, Aya Hitakayama was born on September 10, 2000, in Tokyo, Japan, making her 23 years old as of 2023. She’s of Asian ethnicity due to her Japanese heritage. She attended a prestigious high school in her hometown for her primary education and later pursued studies in the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Sophia University. 


Aya Hitakayama

In her early twenties, she began her career on the adult platform Stripprofile. After gaining popularity, she made her online presence strong by building a profile on Chaturbate, CamBB XXX, Chatsex XXX, SexCamBay, and MyTeenWebcam platform. Through her camera lens, Hitakayama has captivated a vast audience with her sensuality, establishing a genuine connection with her loyal fans. Her thriving online presence within the webcam community has drawn in countless admirers who are entranced by her magnetic charisma and alluring charm.

She also collaborated with many fashion brands for lingerie shoots for example Wacoal, Triumph, Peach John, Intimissimi and many more.


There is no specific information available about her family, but it’s believed that Aya’s dad, ShinHata, is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys activities like biking, mountain climbing, and playing the guitar. Despite his age, he remains energetically adventurous. ShinHata’s goal is to conquer 100 famous Japanese mountains, and he’s made significant progress by completing 18 of them. He’s also an experienced long-distance cyclist and marathon runner.

Aya’s mom, Checherrywan, shares the family’s adventurous spirit. She enjoys mountain climbing, conquering peaks like Kurofuyama and Mount Asama. Her love for nature extends to various wilderness activities, including snowy hikes with snowshoes. Notably, she combined her passion for hiking with horseback riding during a snowy adventure.

Note – Please be aware that this information has not been confirmed by Aya Hatayakama herself.

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Is Aya active on Social Media?

While Aya Hitakayama is active on various adult platforms, it’s important to highlight that she hasn’t established a profile on OnlyFans at this time. Her authentic personality and willingness to explore new adventures have charmed fans seeking a distinctive and intriguing connection. It’s also important to mention that she may not be highly active on all online platforms. As of now, there is no active Instagram profile associated with Aya Hitakayama.

Interesting Facts about Aya Hitakayama

  1. Truth be told, she’s a huge anime fan and loves discussing her favorite anime moments and celebrities with others who share her passion in her community.
  2. Aya_Hitakayama has been declared as a full-time model on Chaturbate.
  3. She has an interest in Women, Men, Couples, and Trans.
  4. While Aya occasionally drinks and smokes, it’s not a frequent habit.
  5. She likes to draw and read novels.
  6. She likes dancing and singing, and has a surprising musical taste.
  7. Aya is also an enthusiast of foreign languages and is always eager to learn and communicate across cultures. Currently, she’s familiar with Russian and English
  8. In her free time, she chills out with calming jazz music and plays poker, a game she finds mentally engaging. She also has a soft spot for the smooth rhythms of R&B music, revealing her love for different music styles and cultures.

Physical Appearance

She has a slender body with curvy hips that give her a shapely appearance. Aya takes good care of her grooming, including shaving and personal hygiene. Her eyes are brown and welcoming, and her hair is very dark and shiny, which makes it look nice with different skin colors. Her charming look gets a boost from her cute, small eyes that resemble just like a Japanese doll.

Net Worth

Due to limited information available, we have little knowledge about Aya Hitakayama, the webcam model. So, it’s difficult to determine her exact wealth. Some sources suggest it might be around $3 million, but she hasn’t officially confirmed this.


She does have a sister who is pursuing a modeling career and is determined to make her mark in the industry. 

Relationships and Affairs

Aya_Hitakayama is quite private about her personal life, and there’s no available information about her relationship status. It’s possible that she might be in a relationship but prefers to keep it confidential. However, her current dating status remains unknown as she chooses not to share details about her relationships with the public.

Quotes by Aya

Recovery takes time! Building things that last and could go away fast is priceless 💎 HEMI

Behind every camera click is a world of fantasies waiting to be explored. 🔥

Confidence is my best outfit, and the camera is my stage. 📷✨

Turning up the webcam heat and serving you some extra cheese! 🧀💃


In summary, Aya Hitakayama, the webcam model, has made a significant impact in the adult entertainment industry. Her charismatic online presence and magnetic appeal have drawn countless fans. While her net worth is a matter of speculation, her open-minded and passionate approach to life extends far beyond her career. Her love for adventure is reflected in her family, her diverse range of interests, from anime to foreign languages, and her passion for music, which all add to her unique charm. Aya Hitakayama is an intriguing personality who continues to leave a lasting impression on all who encounter her, both in the adult entertainment world and her diverse personal interests.

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