From Threshold to Hinge: The Complete Anatomy of Aluminum Storefront Doors

aluminum storefront door

It’s no secret that aluminum is one of the most popular metal building materials used to construct homes and businesses. Aluminum is a very sturdy material. It also looks great and provides an excellent energy-saving environment. Aluminum doors on your home or business are no different.

Aluminum doors allow for many good qualities that every homeowner or business owner should consider.

If you want to learn about aluminum storefront doors and how they can impact a home or business, read on.

Overview of Aluminum Storefront Door Components

Aluminum storefronts are a durable choice for any commercial or residential building. They’re composed of several components contained within a single door frame. The parts of a door include the door panel, door jamb, header, and threshold for waterproofing.

It also has locks, handles, and removable hinges for security and easy access. Reinforced aluminum frames have thermal breaks to provide more insulation.

Weatherstripping and glazing beads can be added to enhance the performance. The design endures in harsh weather conditions. It also provides a pleasing and secure entry into the building.

A Closer Look at the Door Threshold

The threshold is usually made of recycled aluminum. But it can also be made of wood, plastic, or other material. It usually has rubberized strips beneath it to provide extra weatherproofing and soundproofing.

The threshold has an angled shape, which directs water away from the doorway. This allows for better ventilation inside the building. The door threshold plays a key role in protecting and sealing a building from the outside elements.

The Mechanics Behind Aluminum Hinge Closures

Hinges are the most essential element; they provide the mechanical linkage between door segments and the frame. There are flush hinges, butt hinges, and more intricate spring and offset hinges. By connecting the door to its frame in a secure and safe manner, hinges protect against unwanted entry.

It’s essential to make sure your hinges are sturdy and durable. It’s a must for the hingers to hold the weight of the door. Properly installed aluminum hinges provide lasting security for your business.

The Benefits

The aluminum frame is lightweight yet strong. It’s designed to provide a high level of insulation from temperature changes. The door comes with injection-molded insulation that reduces sound transfer.

The door system also provides increased safety and security with locks that can be either deadbolt or panic bar activated. The aluminum frame is also corrosion resistant. This results in reduced long-term maintenance costs.

Installation Tips

When attaching, be sure to match the wall surfaces with the door’s flush face. Sturdy, high-grade anchors should be used for support, and the clearance should be set according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

For door panels, keep the width and weight of each panel within the manufacturer’s suggested range. Ensure that the frames and panels fit snugly in the opening. Adjust the door and closer system to allow for a favorable door reach.

Be Secured With an Aluminum Storefront Door

Aluminum storefront doors are a versatile, low-maintenance solution for businesses seeking a secure doorway. Their threshold, hinges, frames, door props, and other design elements must be carefully determined to ensure a successful outcome.

Contact a certified professional today to learn more about the anatomy and maintenance of an aluminum storefront door.

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