The Many Uses for Perspex Sheets at Home

Perspex Sheets

Perspex, also known more colloquially as acrylic plastic, is becoming more popular in homes all over the world, but especially in Australia as people try to add pops of color to their homes with unique materials. So, let’s look into where Perspex sheets can be used in your home. 

1. Perspex Window Panes

If you’re worried about children playing outside and breaking your glass windows, and you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars each time it happens, it’s a good idea to consider Perspex windows. They look the same as glass but they’re much more durable and due to being break-resistant they’re often seen in schools and sporting fields. 

2. Perspex Greenhouses & Frames

If you want to build a DIY greenhouse it’s a great idea to skip the costs of actual glass and opt for Perspex glass and frames to give your greenhouse a more durable, permanent feeling that is resistant to wear and tear and needs much less cleaning over time. This can be a great option for those who have lower budgets but still want the look and feel of a greenhouse. 

3. Perspex Furniture & Coverings

If you want sleek, modern furniture Perspex is a great option. It allows for a wide variety of colors and looks whether it be artistic furniture in funky colors or clear acrylic sheets that are used for more modern looks. You can also use acrylic to help protect your more vulnerable pieces of jewelry and even prevent wear and tear over time with coverings. 

4. Perspex Kitchen Backsplashes

If you’re sick of cleaning grout from your tiled kitchen backsplash or your tiles are just outdated (and the rising cost of tile doesn’t help) you can always use Perspex to create shining, glittering backsplashes that are dirt-resistant and easy to clean. All you need to do is use your favorite surface cleaner and the job is done! Remember to avoid harsh cleaners because Perspex can still be scratched over time. 

5. Perspex Cabinets

Over time glass cabinets and wood cabinets can start looking cheap and worn down. This is due to the overall work that needs to be done to keep these types of cabinet doors and handles safe, and clean and prevent damage from occurring over time. For this reason, people want the peace of mind acrylic cabinet doors and windows give them. This way they can simply replace the cabinet without taking away from the glass look if that’s what they prefer, and the job is done for the foreseeable future. 

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6. Perspex Picture Frames

Many people live in busy homes and glass photo frames can easily break and cause hazards when small children, the elderly, or pets are around. Instead of stressing about this occurring, just opt for Perspex glass in your photo frames and skip the effort of worrying about anything breaking. 

7. Perspex Shelves

There’s a reason people love glass shelves, they’re stylish and look modern. But they can also be heavy and fragile with wear and tear over the years. If you want to get the same look with less effort, consider using clear Perspex!

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