Soymamicoco – Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Instagram, OnlyFans

Soymamicoco - Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Instagram, OnlyFans

Meet Chloe Sasha, popularly known as “soymamicoco” in the digital realm. Not just an OnlyFans social media influencer and model, she is also a gifted creator and a devoted single mother of four. In this enlightening narrative, She unveils her extraordinary journey of financial success over the past year on the platform. What sets her apart is her innovative method of self-promotion, skillfully blending her culinary expertise and Spanish lessons into her content. Through this unique approach, she provides her audience with a captivating and educational experience, making her presence on OnlyFans truly enriching.

Early Life and Relocation 

Chloe Sasha C

Soymamicoco originally hails from the sunny shores of California and cherished her upbringing in the picturesque landscapes of Oregon. In her earlier years, she enjoyed a blissful family life with her sister, Briana. Following the end of her marriage, Chloe decided to embark on a new chapter in her life, leading her to settle in the lively state of Arizona.

She also reflects on her background, saying, “My family has roots in Guadalajara, and my parents hail from there. I grew up under my mother’s care. I was originally born in California and later relocated to Arizona with my children and ex-partner. But now, it’s just me and my kids, as our paths have diverged.”

Education background & Age

Chloe Sasha aka soymamicoco is 29 years old as of 2023 Born in California. Chloe Sasha has maintained a relatively low profile, keeping most details about her educational background and birthdate undisclosed. Nevertheless, what we do know is that she’s a hardworking and dedicated young woman who places a significant emphasis on her child’s education, with the goal of nurturing their independence and future success. 

What little information is available indicates that soymamicoco  did pursue her high school education in Oregon. Beyond this, the details of her educational journey and background are still mostly shrouded in mystery.


Soymamicoco Chloe Sasha Career

Soymamicoco began working after her divorce when her marriage ended. She had to take care of her children and that was tough. She had a regular 9-to-5 job, but it didn’t pay much, and she couldn’t spend enough time with her kids. To manage, she had to hire a nanny to look after her children, and this wasn’t the life she wanted for her family. Living in a neighborhood with a lot of crime, she often didn’t have enough money for food. 

So, she started thinking about other ways to make a living. She decided to try OnlyFans. In her first month, she made over $3,000, which was more than what she earned in her old job. Now, she makes $30,000 every month from her OnlyFans work. 

As her work on OnlyFans got busier, her 14-year-old sister Briana came to help with the kids during the summer. But she ended up staying with the family full time and helped her make her content. She faced judgment and lost friends because of her job. Some people thought she was hurting her kids, but Chloe defended her choice, saying she can be a good mom and work in the job she wants.

Back in April, she teamed up with the well-known PR firm, HighKey Agency, to help her chase her dreams in acting or modeling. She’s excited about expanding her brand into new areas. “I want to try new things under my own brand name,” she said.

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In her family, Chloe has four kids and Briana. Among her four children, Rae is nine years old, Rhys is seven years old, and the twins, Vio and Nona, are six years old. When it comes to her marriage, 

She went through a divorce in 2021, after being married for nearly eight years. Her first child was just seven years old when the marriage ended. 

Unfortunately, the marriage had its troubles, as her husband cheated on her despite having four children together. In an interview she also mentioned that her husband bought another girl at home so I decided to have a divorce. She faced challenging times in her life after the divorce, as mentioned earlier.  

How she managed her job and children 

Chloe has a daily work routine that starts with teaching her OnlyFans subscribers a fun Spanish word. Afterward, she heads to the gym to create more videos. When she returns home, she continues making videos and occasionally goes live on OnlyFans. In her videos, She shares her cooking skills, demonstrating how to prepare dishes like chicken with mole sauce. What makes her content unique is that she leaves in her mistakes, like when she drops a tomato while making salsa.

Chloe’s “Cooking with Chloe” series is a way to attract people to her OnlyFans, where she shares more explicit content. In less than a year, she’s found remarkable success on the platform, in part because she incorporates elements of her Mexican heritage, like using the language and cooking Mexican food. 

Soymamicoco doesn’t overplan her content; she prefers to go with the flow. She says she came up with her ideas, such as the cooking series and teaching spicy Spanish words, on the spot. These unique ideas have helped her stand out on a platform that’s expanding beyond its reputation for adult content. 

Outside of her work, She dedicates about three to four hours to spend quality time with her kids once they finish school. Afterward, she spends another three hours online after they go to bed. Despite her focus on OnlyFans and social media during the day, her flexible schedule allows her to balance work and family time effectively.

Social Media life

Social Media Profile Links


Soymamicoco Aka Chloe Sasha

She leads a busy life as a social media influencer, devoting much of her time to various online platforms. Her digital footprint extends across several key platforms, boasting an impressive 245K followers on Instagram, 166.2KFollowers  on TikTok, and 39.8K Followers on Twitter. Chloe’s interaction with her audience takes different forms on these platforms. 

On OnlyFans, she invests around two hours to meticulously plan direct messages and communicate with her fans. This platform stands out as the exclusive space for personal interactions. Meanwhile, her Instagram presence is marked by active sharing of her daily life, complemented by stories that provide links to her latest OnlyFans content. 

Navigating the restrictions of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which maintain stringent guidelines against adult content and nudity, has been a key aspect of her strategy for growing her audience. She has ingeniously repurposed her not-safe-for-work content to cater to mainstream audiences. 

For example, in her cooking series, She employs the same recipes but tailors the level of explicitness to adhere to platform guidelines. In her words, “I make them more suitable for my Instagram, and then I’m much less dressed on my OnlyFans.” So I’ll do similar things on both pages.” Her versatility extends to content experimentation. She recently introduced a sports commentary page on TikTok, where she shares her insights and opinions on the current NBA season. Furthermore, she has ventured into teaching spicy Spanish words on a dedicated TikTok page, demonstrating her willingness to explore new content formats and engage with her growing online audience.

She also posts pictures and videos on Instagram and TikTok, like many people do, often showing off themselves in swimsuits. These posts are from nice places like San Juan, Puerto Rico, or just at a pool in her home in Arizona.

Her Networth

Soymamicoco has made a lot of money, around $196,000. Her best month was in March 2023 when she made over $30,000. She earned this money between June 2022 and April 2023. Most of her money comes from people paying $10 a month for her content, and she also makes money from custom content like private messages, although she doesn’t say how much. She does live shows on OnlyFans twice a week, and her subscribers pay an extra $10 to watch. All of this has helped her become quite wealthy.


Soymamicoco Facts

  • Soymamicoco used to exercise quite a bit, including boxing once or twice a day. However, she found that this intense exercise routine led to significant weight loss, so she had to put a stop to it.
  • Chole  has bought a new home for her Family.
  • She has tattoos on her body. 

Quote by Her

My cooking isn’t the only sp!cy thing about me 🌶️

I can get flowers for myself, but I’d like to have you.😈

Dipped in red 💋

Slowly getting a tan 🙌🏽

Me calientas 🥵 

Shrimp Tacos anyone 😏🥵

Call me Krispy Kreme 🙈

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