A Legal Guide on How to Dispute a Car Accident Fault

A Legal Guide on How to Dispute a Car Accident Fault

After totaling your car, sustaining car accident injuries, and missing days at work, the last thing you want to worry about is bills. Unfortunately, you could have to pay for your losses out of pocket if you’re blamed for the accident. 

Read on to learn how to dispute a car accident fault. With these tips, you can prove the other driver was responsible. Discover how to get the compensation you deserve today. 

Gather Evidence

Immediately after the accident, gather evidence to prove the other driver was at fault. Write down your recollection of what happened. It’s normal to forget small details after a crash.

Avoid small talk with the other driver. Avoid saying sorry, as it can be seen as accepting blame.Get the driver’s:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number
  • Insurance information

Take photos of the cars and your injuries. If there’s a witness to the accident, request their name and phone number. Your lawyer can contact them to get an official statement.

Don’t leave the scene of the crash without calling the police. Their official police report can support your account of what happened. 

Track Car Accident Injuries

Even a small accident can cause long-lasting injuries. In a single year, motor-vehicle incidents caused 5.4 million medically consulted injuries. Costs reached $498.3 billion, which included:

  • Wage and productivity loss
  • Medical expenses
  • Administrative expenses
  • Employer costs
  • Motor-vehicle property damage

If you fail to dispute your car accident claim, you could have to pay for your car accident injuries and lost wages out of your own pocket. Visit a doctor as soon as possible. Their assessment can prove how the accident caused your injuries and affected your quality of life. 

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Dispute the Car Accident Claim

Contact your insurance company to dispute your car accident claim right away. Your insurance agent will review their decision and revise their finding.

If they decide you’re still at fault, get their verbal and written disagreement. Expedite hiring a lawyer to dispute their decision. 

Find the Best Attorneys

The best attorneys can help you file a legal claim. They’ll ensure your rights are protected. Search for an attorney who has extensive experience dealing with cases like yours.

There are over 50,300 personal injury lawyers in the US, though not every lawyer specializes in auto accident cases. The best attorneys will have relevant experience and expertise. They’ll understand local laws and procedures that could affect your case. 

The team at Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer can help you dispute your car accident claim. With their help, you can prove the other driver was at fault for the accident. The compensation you receive can cover your lost wages, injuries, and property damage. 

How to Dispute a Car Accident Fault

Learning how to dispute a car accident fault is easier than you may think. With the best attorneys at your side, you can fight to financially recover from the endeavor. Reach out to the best local attorneys and start taking legal action today.

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