A Guide to Buying and Wearing Soft Body Armor

A Guide to Buying and Wearing Soft Body Armor

Body armor sales are rising in the United States, with personal protection becoming a top priority for individuals and families. While designed for personal protection for law enforcement officers, it’s an excellent investment if you’re focused on protecting yourself in daily life. Wearing body armor provides peace of mind and protection for anything you encounter during your day.

Soft body armor is one of the most popular options for individuals needing extra protection. You can protect your vital organs and contour the armor to fit your body to perfection.

The challenge is knowing how to choose body armor and exploring the different types of body armor available. Fortunately, you’ve found the perfect resource to learn more about buying and wearing soft body armor for your protection. Continue reading to invest in your first pieces of body armor today!

What Is Soft Body Armor?

Soft body armor is an excellent option for protection and comfort in the same package. It offers flexibility, helping you bend it to provide the best protection for different body parts.

It’s more comfortable than wearing a bulletproof vest or Kevlar plating. Most options for soft body armor are rated to stop bullets from small-caliber firearms. You can buy hard armor here if you want protection from rifle bullets.

Tips for Buying and Wearing Soft Body Armor

The first step in buying soft body armor is determining your threat level. You must find and purchase body armor rated to stop bullets from the threats you expect to encounter. Level II is the lowest level to consider, as this soft body armor protects you from 9mm full metal jacket rounds.

Level IIIA is another option worth considering if you want to upgrade your protection. This option for soft body armor will protect you from .44 Magnum hollow point rounds. Many experts refer to this soft body armor option as a speed plate.

Next, consider the materials used in the soft body armor to decide if it’s worth the price. Kevlar is one of the most popular options to use for soft body armor. It’s a lightweight material providing impressive protection benefits to the wearer.

It’s best to weigh your priorities when shopping for different types of body armor. Determine the comfort and protection levels you’ll gain from your new investment.

Lighter armor often means a higher price tag, which is worth it if you value comfort when investing in personal protection. Explore your options and find the best combination of weight, protection, and value when learning how to choose body armor.

Take Steps for Protecting Yourself Today

Life happens quickly, and the best option for protecting yourself is staying a step ahead and planning for the future. Soft body armor is a fantastic investment for personal protection. It provides comfort and protection from rounds up to .44 Magnum hollow points.

Wearing body armor could be the investment that keeps you safe in a dangerous situation. Explore the types of body armor and assess your threat level to find the best option within your budget.

Technology continues advancing, and personal protection improves with it. Explore our Technology blog content to find the latest advances and announcements in this evolving field today!

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