What is the Cost of Cremation in Florida? 5 Things to Know

What is the Cost of Cremation in Florida? 5 Things to Know

Cremation has become a popular alternative to traditional burial in Florida due to its lower cost and flexibility. The need for easing the burden on families is evident, especially during a time of loss. Though the trend in funeral planning has been shifting away from more traditional methods, the cost of cremation across the country keeps creeping up.

As the number of cremations rises, so too has the services used to accommodate the wishes of the dead. It’s essential that families consult with funeral homes and cremation providers to ensure that their wishes will be fulfilled.

Let’s take a look at five related to the cost of cremation in Florida that families need to be aware of.

1. Basic Cremation Costs

The cost of cremation in Florida can vary depending on a number of factors. The average cost of cremation in Florida is around $1,295. This price typically includes basic services, transportation of the deceased, and obtaining necessary permits. Also, it includes a simple container for the ashes.

It’s essential to understand that this is just the starting point. The final price can vary depending on several factors.

2. Location Matters

The cremation costs in Florida can vary depending on the location. This is because certain cities or regions may have higher prices due to demand. Others may offer more affordable options.

Florida is a larger state, and the cremation costs can differ significantly from one city to the next. For instance, in a densely populated city, the cost can be higher as compared to a smaller town. In addition, the coastal areas and tourist destinations in Florida might have higher prices due to increased demand and the overall cost of living.

To be able to get an accurate estimate, it’s essential to contact local cremation providers or funeral homes in your particular area. By doing so, you can get detailed pricing information according to your location.

3. Additional Services

Additional services can greatly impact the overall cost. However, you may want to consider these services. These may include:

Memorial or Viewing Service

If you plan to have a memorial service before or after cremation. Then you may add this to the cost. Know that renting a space, hiring a staff, and also providing catering can add to your expenses.


Embalming is not required by law for cremation, so families can choose to skip this service and save on costs. However, if embalming is desired, the cost can range from $200 to $800, depending on the funeral home. Embalming is typically only necessary if there will be a visitation or open casket service, so families can opt for a memorial service without embalming to save on costs.

Urns and Keepsakes

The cost of urns and keepsakes can vary greatly, from budget-friendly options to more luxurious and personalized choices. It is important to shop around and compare prices to find the best option that fits your budget and preferences.

Lastly, some cremation providers may offer package deals that include both the cremation service and an urn or keepsake, so be sure to inquire about these options.


When it comes to the cost of cremation in Florida, one important factor to consider is transportation. Typically, the cost of transportation for cremation in Florida ranges from $50 to $300. This can depend on the distance and type of transportation needed.

It is important to keep in mind that transportation costs may also vary depending on the crematorium chosen. Additionally, if the cremation is taking place in a different city or state, there may be additional charges for transportation of the remains. It is important to inquire about transportation costs beforehand to avoid any surprises.

Death Certificates and Permits

The price of a cremation permit and death certificate can add up to $100 to the total cost. These are essential documents for the cremation process.

Obituaries and Other Memorial Materials

If you plan to publish an obituary or create memorial materials, you will have to factor in these costs. Hence, you have to know what additional services you will need to prepare for the final cost.

4. Pre-planning and Pre-paid Cremation

Many individuals are choosing to pre-plan their cremation arrangements to alleviate the emotional and financial burden on their families. Pre-planning allows you to lock in today’s prices for future services. This ensures that your family won’t be subject to inflated costs when the time comes.

Pre-paid cremation plans are available in Florida, and the price will depend on the services and options you choose. The plans often offer flexibility, allowing you to make choices based on your preferences and budget.

By pre-planning and pre-paying for cremation services, you cannot only save money but also ensure that your wishes are carried out as you desire. Hence, you must contact a trusted provider to prepare for the cremation cost.

5. Comparison Shopping

It is important to research and compare prices from different funeral homes before making a decision. In Florida, there are numerous cremation providers and funeral homes to choose from. Always get a written quote and make sure to understand all fees and charges included before making a decision.

Ask different questions from them, such as what are included in the basic cremation cost. Also, find out if there are hidden costs or additional fees. Be sure to also request for a detailed breakdown of the services which you are interested in.

It would also be great to ask for available discounts or promotions. With this, you will be able to save on the cost of cremation services.

Find the Best Deal for the Cost of Cremation in Florida

In conclusion, understanding the cost of cremation in Florida is a crucial step in pre-planning or making end-of-life arrangements. By familiarizing yourself with these 5 key factors, you can ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared and make informed decisions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a trusted provider for more information and to start planning today.

Your loved ones deserve peace of mind and financial security. Consider cremation as a viable option. Contact a reputable provider for personalized assistance and guidance. Start planning for the future today.

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