Accidental Personal Injury and Mental Health: Breaking the Silence

Accidental Personal Injury and Mental Health: Breaking the Silence

Accidents are daunting and stressful. Many people throughout the world face severe car accidents, and the traumas of such accidents remain with them for a long time. The scenes of the accidents can remain in your mind and will make you stressed every now and then. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the importance of mental health and how it can affect every aspect of your life.  Even insurance companies and job markets do not consider mental health issues. Just like physical damage, mental health can cause problems without you knowing the exact cause. It can trigger your hidden emotions and can affect people surrounding you.

After a car accident, people tend to go get themselves checked for physical injuries only, without focusing and giving attention to their mental problems. Even when you claim compensation, it is important to consider mental health damages. Even if it is a non-economic factor, it can affect your financial condition. This is because, with deteriorated mental health, you may not be able to focus on your job or business, and it might be a cause of your downfall.

In this article we are going to discuss how a car accident can cause damage to your mental health:

Driving phobia:

Many people who face an accident tend to get so scared, due to the flashbacks of the accident, that they think giving up on driving is the only solution. They avoid driving due to fear. This phobia can impact your daily life routine, as you may always rely on somebody to pick up and drop you off. Moreover, a person may feel anxiety on the roads, leading them to stay at home for a long period. People who have such fears can have mood swings that can impact their close relationships. Families might have to put up with their cranky moods due to such phobias.


Post-accident, one of the most common things people face is insomnia. This is because many people have recurring flashbacks which can lead them to stay awake at night. It can get frustrating that despite several tries, they are unable to sleep. The fear and panic at the accident tend to keep coming back in front of their eyes when they try to sleep. Victims say that the flashbacks are so daunting that sleeping becomes impossible. Not being able to sleep at night, makes their whole schedule a mess causing them to have poor performance in all of their daily chores and tasks. This issue must be treated with the help of a professional, who can calm your anxiety through various treatments and medicines. After the treatment the victim feels light and flashbacks can not cause them stress as much as they used to.

Mood Swings:

The mood swings are normal after a person has faced a traumatic accident. This is because the mental and physical damage is so immense, that they are unable to cope with it. They can’t get rid of the feelings of helplessness leading them to have severe mood swings. They might feel a bit better sometimes, while other times they want to isolate themselves. This is because they feel that nobody is going to help them and the accident has caused irreparable damages. The mind has not accepted the damages and this is where more problems stem from. Moreover, mood swings are so frequent that some people report that even after several tries, they are unable to keep stability in their moods.

Doctors and lawyers can be your best rescue team if you are facing such a situation. If you file a legal lawsuit, a personal injury attorney in Plano can help you in guiding what to do.  They have dealt with several similar clients so they can give you the most appropriate advice.

Losing Appetite:

One of the most common issues after a car accident is the loss of appetite. Most people can not have regular meals after a car accident, because the feeling of fullness is always there. This stems from feelings of fearfulness and self-doubt. Most people think about the losses so much that they don’t feel like eating anything. Loss of appetite leads to loss of weight. The weight loss sometimes is so sudden and drastic, that your overall physical health is also largely impacted. It is important to get yourself checked by a psychologist or psychiatrist immediately if you feel like anxiety is stopping you from having regular meals. With their expert opinion, things can get back on track and a lot better. Do not self-medicate, as it can have adverse impacts.


In conclusion, we can say that although the impact of accidents is vast, it can be cured, if treated properly and timely. When you address your mental and physical traumas timely, you will recover at a much faster speed. The impacts or accidents become minimal when you get the right guidance.

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